Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hermana Henao and I were walking to an appointment and I read a sign and didn´t understand what it was for so I asked and she told me, it is where they sell pañales, which I knew meant tissues, but thought that was a strange thing to advertise so I asked, Like the pañales I use for my nose?  Well hermana Henao thought this was very funny and then she told me pañales are diapers.  Then we talked about having little diapers for our noses and we laughed because we are funny.

We taught an investigator the law of chastity and it went very well.  Afterwards he went home and told his mom he learned about the law of castration. Yikes.

Something that has been happening too frequently is that I´ll be teaching something, completely focused, and an English word will come out of nowhere! It´s horrible because it throws me off, catches me off guard and everyone looks at me all confused. jajaj.  It is so strange.  It´s always with words I know well in Spanish, too, like cuando. Why?

The work is progressing here in Buenos Aires and it is wonderful.  We are working hard to have a baptism before the end of the month and so far everything is looking great.  The Lord is in this work.  The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored and I love it!  We just received news that we will be receiving a third companion tomorrow night, not sure who it is. Exciting!

Love you all.  Keep following Christ and all will be well.  It´s true!


Hermana Peterson

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