Monday, January 27, 2014

Doors open and doors close

And sometimes in between, we enter the house!  We had a miracle this week.  We were walking down the street and two people were walking our way.  I was getting ready to give them an invitation when the woman said, "Hey, I was just telling my mom the other day that you two never came by!"  We started talking and realized that we had talked with her some weeks before and noted down her address but it wasnt in our area and we forgot to hand it over to the elders.  She said her mom wanted a visit and she gave us a vague description of where her mom lived because she couldnt remember the address.  Later that day we went searching for the house.  We knocked many doors and asked everyone and nobody knew who we were talking about.  After a silent prayer we stood still for a moment and I looked down the street.  She told us it was a house without a gate and I thought I saw one that-a-way.  We knocked and a woman opened the door. "Hola, buenas tardes. Nosotras somos representantes de Jesucristo y estamos buscando a Andrea."  She smiled and said, "Soy yo!"  She let us in and we had a lovely lesson.  We didnt know where she lived but Heavenly Father sure did.  

We had a happy Sunday.  We have been working with a family in the ward, the family where we went for new year´s.  The abuela stopped going to church when her husband got sick and after her passed away a year ago she still hadn't been to church.  Her sister lives there with her and isn't a member of the church.  This week la tía abuela accepted a baptismal date and the both of them went to church!  When these two elegant ladies entered the chapel everyone was overjoyed.  Its been years since she went to church.  We are all smiles.

A new investigator, Alicia, also went to church.  She is a strong woman and she is always reading and praying.  A woman of faith.  

Ramona isn't progressing right now.  We had so many great lessons with her but right now it is looking like she´ll need more time.  I'm trying to send some good pictures.

I am praying for all of you, especially grandma.  I love you all with all my heart and your testimonies and faith and examples fill my soul with light.  Invite everyone you know to join in the goodness you know.  I love you!!!!

Un besito,

Hermana Peterson
noche de hogar

Bautismo de Augustina


ramona and her grandson and girlfriend and us

el templo


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Mother! I received your package this morning. Only two months´ wait. jaja. Muchísimas gracias. Muy lindo, todo.  

We changed this week!  We evaluated what we could improve and change and we are doing it!  This week we had much more success.  The Lord was still testing us, trying our faith.  On Sunday, we were wiped out.  Our one progressing investigator (Ramona) is in a wheelchair and her grandson went out of town so we helped her get to church and then took care of her there.  She was having an off day.  She was happy, then sad, then tranquila, then wanted to leave, then was actively participating in the classes, then falling asleep.  It was wild.  Then we had a baptism of an eight-year-old immediately after church.  Ramona was ready to go but we had to stay for the baptism because we were the ones that taught the little girl the lessons to prepare her for baptism.  When the baptism finally started we went to the font and it was practically empty!  The water to the church had been cut.  Luckily, we have a quick-thinking bishop who asked Brother Agüero if they could use his pool.  So the family and the bishop went to the pool and then returned and we had the confirmation.  I´ve never been so tired after a church meeting!  We still lacked many of our goals for the week, but we went forth with faith and mucho ánimo.  The Lord blessed us with many blessings.  We were led to four new people to teach and we were able to help them feel the Spirit.  All in all, it was a wonderful week.  We met lots of new people and learned how to be better representatives of Jesus Christ.

To see Ramona after she goes to church is incredible.  She has so much peace and feels the love God has for her.  We are working to help her turn her weaknesses into strengths, putting her trust in the Lord.  She has so much knowledge of the gospel.  We mention the name of someone in the Bible and she tells us the whole story with quotes of what the people said and every detail of what happened.  Now it is just a matter of overcoming old habits and allowing the strenght of the Lord to change her heart.  She is praying for it, and it will come.

It is super hot these days. Don´t worry, papa, I drink PLENTY of water. :) And it rained last night and now the air is cooler.  The rain is lovely.

I love you lots. Besitos.

Hermana Peterson

Monday, January 13, 2014


We had the most wonderful time in church yesterday. Let me tell you about it.

We arrived at the church to be greeted by Cristian, the grandson of Ramona.  He said she was already in the sacrament room and he headed off to his own ward.  We greeted all the members and sat down with Ramona, in the back so that we could repeat everything the speakers said right into her ear.  She has a lot of difficulty hearing anything that isnt said right into her ear.  As the meeting began, I realized the task I was being put up to!  By the end of the hour I was completely wiped out!  It is one thing to translate something into English but something else entirely to listen and repeat everything in Castellano.  We had excellent speakers, one being a member of the Seventy, and it was spiritually very edifying.  Ramona was pleased to have heard all the talks (mas o menos :).  There was a whole lot of improv going on, but I did my best. jaja.

Then we headed to Gospel Principles where the Élderes taught a great lesson about Adán y Eva and the Fall.  Ramona was full of thoughtful questions and the members eagerly helped her understand better.  Ramona has a lot of knowledge of the Bible and a whole lot of faith.  Then we presented the Plan Misional to the Mujeres Jóvenes and got them all pumped.  Then we went to Relief Society and did the same thing.  As we explained the plan, the Spirit was filling the room, almost tangible.  Then Ramona raised her hand, and began to share the most beautiful testimony youve ever heard.  She thanked the Sisters for helping her grow closer to Jesus Christ, for helping her to feel so good, there in the chapel.  Then she explained that she still hasnt received the answer to know if she really needs to be baptized again in this church, but that she is praying to know the truth and hopes to continue attending each week.  It couldnt have been more perfect.  The Spirit touched us all.

Ramona has a lot of doubts and difficulties, but she keeps moving forward.  It is difficult for her to leave behind her past and accept the light and peace that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings.  But she is doing it!  She is praying and studying and feeling more peace each day.  She is beginning to talk about all her children, and that she wants them to have this same knowledge she is gaining.  She is a blessing to us and to the ward and to everyone.  

We just have to open our mouths and share the gospel.  It is the way of the Savior.  It is the best way!

I love you all so very very much!!  I love hearing from you.  Thanks for all the support and prayers and love.  I feel them with force, even from so far.

Hermana Peterson

Monday, January 6, 2014


Ramona, mi corazón! Let´s just say the Lord prepares the way.

Early in the week we were walking down the street when a couple on a moto passed and stopped a little ways in front of us. As we passed the man called us over and introduced himself as a member of the Ciudad Evita 1 ward. He said his grandma lived in our area and wants to be baptized. He gave us his number and told us to call when we can go visit because he wanted to accompany us. Woah! We called two days later and we went to meet Ramona in the nursing home, which is conveniently across the street from our apartment. Ramona is 64, in a wheelchair, mostly deaf, and incredibly desirous to have the gospel of Jesus Christ. I walked into the nursing home and was surprised by how similar it is where I worked in high school, but on a much smaller scale.  I felt right at home!  We went back the next day, again with Cristian, her grandson, and then on Sunday he brought her to the church. Cristian is a recent convert of six months, 24 years old, and very excited about the joy he has found. A member sat with Ramona for the first hour and helped her sing the hymns. All of the skills I gained from working in a nursing home came in handy as we helped her with all of her needs. The Spirit touched me many times throughout the day as I reflected on the mercy of the Lord and the grand plan He has for each one of us.  She is excited to be baptized on the 1st of February.

I am loving Ciudad Evita.  It is definitely where the Lord wants me to be, and for that, I am grateful.  

We were eating lunch in the house of some members yesterday when their cat brought in a mouse, still alive, and was playing with it, trapping it in the corner and just watching it!  It was just like the cats in cartoons.  Hermana Passos has a phobia of mice and the family is a house with only girls, all squealing despite the fact the youngest is 20. :)  So Camila, 22, and I got a box and trapped the mouse and set it free in the grass.  I sure didn't want to kill it and she didn't either, to the disappointment of the viewers.  It was exciting and we laughed lots.  The lunch was delicious.

I want to send pictures so I wont write more, but I love you all!  Be humble and obedient and I will do the same.  Loves.

Feliz año!!!

Hermana Peterson

Por fin, compre un sombrero - pero tengo verguenza
Card we sent to members

Our wonderful obispo and family invited us over for Christmas Dinner!

2014 New Year's dinner with the Familia Hererra

Feliz Ano Neuvo!
Hermanas Goncalves y Zamora

The wonderful familia Lissandrello in Aldo Bonzi

A favorite of mine - Familia Marchinarez - and the daughter of el obispo

We love our Christmas banner from Mumsie - Hna Passos loves the photo of Cristo Redentor
Una companera mui feliz!

Oreo Night! Cada Jueves - it's our rule!

The fanciestTuna Rice Salad I've ever seen!

Zona Aldo Bonzi - Largest in the Mission!