Monday, April 21, 2014

El Colectivo

So Hermana Salinas is from Paraguay and she is twenty.  She has ten months as a missionary and is SUPER CAPA.  I love working with her.  She is bold and full of love.  Morón is a big city (at least the bigest Ive been in here) and our area covers el centro.  The area isnt huge but there are a ton of people.  When we contact people in the street they almost never live here in Morón and if they do there is very little chance that theyll give us their address.  So we work with the members a full.  Hermana Salinas and I were talking about the contacts we were making and it was Thursday.  Only one day more before we should be finished with our key indicators.  We needed 35 contacts so we decided to do something we have always wanted to do- contact the whole colectivo.....

We set out on Friday and nervously boarded the colective, llena de gente.  We asked permission of the driver to make an annoucement and he complied.  "Hello, fellow passengers..." Hermana Salinas started us off.  We invited everyone to join us for church on Easter Sunday and to visit the church website to learn more about Jesus Christ and how He can help us find happiness.  We gave everyone a card and felt happy.  We were super excited afterwards and decided it wont be the last time.  We realized it isnt so hard afterall, and in fact it is quite fun.  It is the best feeling in the world to proclaim the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, without fear and hesitation.  With that act of faith Heavenly Father gave us many miracles.

We knocked a door this week, where some kids were playing outside.  We asked if we could talk with their mom and a woman came outside and told us she was leaving to go to a night course to finish high school.  There are lots of programs here to help people finish high school years after they dropped out.  She said we could pass by another day.  We went for the cita we had set with her and she let us in. Nanci, se llama.  We began talking and she looked so sad.  She hardly spoke and only gave short answers to our questions.  We only had a few minutes to talk with her and shared a little bit about how Christ could help her.  We said we would pass by again to meet the rest of her children and her husband.

The next day we went to her house and found all five of her children there, and everyone pulled up a chair to listen.  The oldest, Ludmila, is fifteen, and the youngest is three.  We explained how when we have sins we feel guilty and dirty but that through the power of repentance and baptism and the Atonement of Jesus christ we can be made completely clean.  They all decided it was something they need.  We invited them to church and they said they would go.

On Saturday night I called to see if they were prepared to go to church in the morning.  They said yes!  We called again in the morning and Ludmila had woken everyone up and they were almost ready to go in colectivo.  We couldnt believe it!  They went to all three hours of church.  We stopped by afterwards to see how they liked it and they said they had already been talking about it, and have decided to go again next Sunday!!  

And then there was Daniel.  He is also super capo.  He is twenty-four, works  going house to house cutting grass, etc.  His sense of humor is IGUALITO to Paul´s.  It gets me every time.  So if you can imagine Paul, but moreno, gordo, and speaking Spanish, that´s Daniel.  They call him Turco.  He was super committed to go to church, and we were waiting and waiting and he didnt come.  He and Ricardo (Coni) live in the same nieghborhood and will be baptized together this Saturday.  But Ricardo wasnt there either.  We knew something must have happened so we went to find out.  It turns out that on Saturday night Daniel was working and his shoes broke.  He didnt have others and didnt want to go to church with broken shoes.  Ricardo woke up to go to church but his transportation, his cousin, was sick and wasnt going.  They scambled everything together and made it to church for sacrament meeting.  It was a miracle!!  They will both be baptized by Ezequiel.  One month as a member and he has already brought three souls to Christ.

We found some incredible people this week.  The work is hastening on!  Our ward is awesome and I love it.  I am learning a ton from Hermana Salinas.  She is so frank and loving with people and everyone appreciates it.  In this world we need to hear the truth, and hear it clearly.  When it is said with love there is nothing that can stop it from making a difference.

We just had a great district activity and ate tacos again and played futbol.  I dominated, obviously. jaja.  We arent in Mexico but we still love eating tacos.  Pictures next week.

I love you all so much and I love seeing the pictures and hearing about everything that is going on in your lives.  You are beautiful people.  And I am so excited to speak Spanish with Heidi.  :)  I love you lots.

Hermanita Peterson

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moron 1B!

 I am now in Morón with la Hermana Salinas!  It was sad to say goodbye to Aldo Bonzi after nine months, but it was left in good hands. :)

This is an awesome ward and a wonderful city.  I arrived and Hermana Salinas, de Paraguay, filled me in with all the happenings of the area.  They were taking very good care of the area and it is alive and well.  Let me tell you about Ezequiel.  He is about 20 years old and was baptized a month ago.  He was living the rough life, partying, doing drugs, etc.  He had listened to the missionaries a few times previously.  A few months ago one of his sisters got married and was baptized with her husband.  Then one day Ezequiel decided he wanted to change.  He started listening to the Hermanas and fighting to change his life through the power of Jesus Christ.  It wasn't easy.  He had to go to his grandma´s house every weekend to avoid temptation and fell a few times.  But he did it!!  And he was baptized.  And now he is an incredible tool in the hands of God.  He shares the gospel with EVERYONE!!!  His friends from his neighborhood are curious and he invites them to learn more about Christ and they accept.  And he is bringing miracles to Morón.

On Thursday the colectivos were on paro and we couldnt get to many lessons, and we always try to finish our goals for the week on Friday, so we had a looot of work to do.  We arranged to visit some of the friends of Ezequiel and he agreed to accompany us.  That day we were literally going from lesson to lesson.  His friends are seeing how their friend is a new being, a being of light.  They believe in the promises of the scriptures, that baptism is the beginning of a new life, because they have a living testimony of it right before their eyes.  Daniel, 24, has stopped smoking and doing drugs and went to church yesterday with his two little sisters!!!!  We are hopeful that he will be prepared for baptism at the end of this month.  As were walking to a cita with Ezequiel he saw someone he knew and called him over. "Would you like to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ?" he asked.  His friend said yes and we took down his address.  So simple. So powerful.  Can you imagine how the world would be if every member had this same excitement and faith in sharing the gospel?

Then on Saturday Ezequiel baptized his little sister, Rocío.  She is eleven.  The ward came together and made pizzas afterwards.  It was, needless to say, and incredible week.

And HEIDI IS GOING TO CHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i AM SO EXCITED.  What an amazing missionary she will be.  I can hardly believe it. :)

The Church is true. I love you all.

Hermana Peterson

Hermana Peterson, la Hermana Salinas y Rocio

Farewell Hermana Passos!

Rocio's baptism

Ezekiel y Rocio


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Prophet's Voice

Never have I invited so many people to listen to the living prophet!!  It was a great experience this week to invite everyone to the Conference.  It was interesting because a lot of people stopped long enough for us to explain everything about the conference, when normally it is difficult to stop people in the street.  People like to know that God is still communicating with His children in such a direct way.  And we could feel it in the conference!  We have a real and true living prophet.  That puts a smile on my face. :)

I especially loved the story of the little boy in Buenos Aires who brought a whole family to the capilla abierta.  More miracles in Argentina!  We will be having a capilla abierta in a few weeks so hopefully we can get everyone all excited.  As missionaries we can do a lot, but without the members, we cant do anything.  We have some families in the ward that are sharing the gospel with their friends and the smiles on their faces as they share their experiences makes me so happy because I can see that they are feeling what we get to feel every day as we invite people to come closer to Christ.

We were in charge of the Young Men activity this week at mutual.  First we had everyone write down on a piece of paper where they were in their desire to serve a mission, with one being, "I don't want to go at all," and five being, "I'm super excited to serve the Lord!"  Four of them put five and two put two.  Then we looked at the example of a family of missionaries in the Book of Mormon, starting with Alma, padre.  We then went through Alma, hijo, and his three sons, Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton.  We discussed their situations and how each one of them was eventually able to arrive at number five- "I'm super excited to serve the Lord!" regardless of where they started out.  The Young Men were honest and open with their concerns and hopes and we had a great little lesson.  We closed it out with having everyone think of someone they want to have the gospel.  Once everyone had someone in mind we did practices.  One of the Young Men leaders is a teacher in the CCM so he played the role of the Young Men while each of them played the role of their friend/ family member.  The Spirit was strong and they all committed to invite this person to come closer to Christ.  A few of them picked their dads, others picked their friends.  But everyone picked someone they love, and that is what makes the invitation so important.  And then we ate muffins filled with dulce de leche.

Hermana Passos sent pictures of my birthday surprise cake, made by Alba Veron, an angel that we have in our ward.  She accompanies EVERY time we call her if she isn't working.  She is incredible.  And her sisters and mom and daughter.  It is a beautiful family.  And the cake was delicious!

We have transfers this week, asi que vamos a ver que pasa.  I feel like I might be heading out of Aldo Bonzi, but we wont know until tomorrow night, and then transfers on Wednesday morning.  Come what may, I sure love Ciudad Evita!!

Miguel showed up to church last week in a white shirt and tie and was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood!  We talked with him this week and he said in awe with a smile on his face, "I just still cant believe I have this authority."  Next Sunday he will be passing the sacrament.

I love to hear about your own missionary experiences and Christ-like examples as you shower people with love.  Keep inviting and keep praying.  This is God´s work.  "This is real life" as Elder Holland said when he came to talk to us.  "This is as real life as life can get."  Bringing peace to weary souls.  I love you and am so grateful that Heavenly Father is looking after you.


Hermana Peterson 
My Birthday surprise cake!
The greatly anticipated Nicolo!

Monday, March 31, 2014

So Happy!

 Lidia was baptized and it was all so happy!  Her nephew baptized her and they have a special relationship.  He went to live with her while he was studying and they would read the Book of Mormon together and became very close.  The mother of Lidia, the famous Hermana Gajón, was pioneer in the church here and the members of our ward share stories of when she was their Primary President, and how she helped them learn through her Christ-like example and incredible faith.  So there were angels rejoicing as the Tía Lidia walked into the water to make this sacred covenant with Heavenly Father that she will follow Jesus Christ para siempre.  Familia Herrera bought her the dress as a gift because she is already preparing to enter the temple to be sealed to her husband.  Lidia is a warrior.  Her spirit is so strong.  And her prayers are honest and make me so happy!  It was a beautiful moment.

This week was difficult because we were looking for lots of new families to teach without any luck.  Then on Saturday, miracles arrived.  We found Gisela, a young mother, who received us warmly.  Her husband is in jail right on now and she is raising two little boys, one tiene 5años y el otro un año y medio.  We invited her to to go to church and she said she would love to but wouldn't be able to.  As we tried to find a solution to help her go, it seemed impossible.  She really needed to leave that night to be able to run important errands that couldn't be postponed.  And then a million things ran through my head all at once. Somos misioneros que luchan por milagros. ! Nefi 3:7. Estamos orando cada día de esta semana para encontrar familias que puedan ir a la iglesia ESTE domingo.  Dios sabe la solución.  And then there it was- the solution!  The minute the idea came out of my mouth Gisela agreed and said she would be in the church the next day.  It was such a small moment but it was a testimony to me that God always fulfills His promises and knows each one of His children.

Gisela is special and I think she wants what the Jesus Christ has to offer her.  And we also had a woman named Delia in church yesterday.  She reminds me of Gillian Jones and that makes me happy.  She made friends right away with a woman in the ward and enjoyed very much the sacrament meeting.

We had lots and lots and lots of miracles in this month of March.  My testimony is growing and I can see every day how God is trying with all His might to reach out to His children.  We are just so stubborn sometimes.  The power of God cannot be denied.  I feel it as I hear the wind rustling the leaves of the trees. Isn't that one of the best sounds on earth?  I love it.  

President wrote us this week about consistency and I was very happy because it is what we need right now.  He is an awesome president.

AND GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!  We have big plans for that.  Come and listen to a profet`s voice!!  Oh how embarrassing.  Prophet.  I meant prophet.  There are probably lots of words that I spell wrong now, huh?  Ah well.  At least I can still speak my native tongue.  Hermana Passos struggles with that, so I count my many blessings.  :)

I love you all so very much. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. :)  Hermana Passos is going to buy us a kilo of Nicolo ice cream, which is the BEST and we walk past it every day and have never bought it.  So don't worry, I am well taken care of. jaja.

Love and hugs,

Hermana Peterson
One year in the mission!

Lidia on her baptism day

Hermana Passos, Hermana Peterson, Lidia y Clori

one happy day

matching pj's from home

We are twinners every night

Monday, March 24, 2014

Familia Villar

We had an incredible experience at the temple this week.  There is a family that we have been working a lot with.  If you remember the baptism of the little girl a few months back? Yeah, that is the family.  So the mom was baptized at eight years old, but wasn’t very active in the church.  Her dad lives in a province and is super active.  One by one, her children have decided to be baptized.  Belen, the oldest, is fourteen and goes every week to church.  The mom has been smoking for some years now and when we first arrived here didn’t have any desires to go to church.  The dad supports his children in their decisions to be baptized and has no problem with the church.  He even reads the Book of Mormon and the Bible every day, and prays every night with Augustina.  A very good man.  But he lacks faith.  He told us from the beginning that he agrees with everything, but he wont be baptized because it would only be to please others.  He doesn’t feel anything.  
We had a lesson on faith this week, Alma 32.  Kids are so smart.  As we started talking about the analogy of the seed we were asking questions and they all answered so smartly.  Josè said he feels like he lacks water to make the seed grow.  I asked what that water could be that he was lacking.  Josè, hijo, quickly replied, "going to church."  Qué capo.  And then we planned the visit to the temple.  They were all excited.
We walked around the temple, enjoying the Spirit and the flowers.  You’ll notice that fall arrived, right on its due date, just like Jethro and Glory. The 21st of March.  The air is chilly but its still quite lovely.  We sat down and talked about our potential as children of God.  Every child of God should be able to enter the house of God, and that is our divine destiny.  Familia Villar looked at the temple and the Sprit did the talking.  The hermana shared that she wanted to go to church every Sunday with her whole family.  She wants to quit smoking, for real this time.  José accepted the challenge of praying to know if he should be baptized the 19th of abril.  THAT IS A MIRACLE.  It was one of the nicest experiences I’ve had.

But we were saddened on Sunday when he sat in his car and didn’t enter the chapel.  We were happier when the hermana entered with her three children.  Opposition in all things.  This family needs to be eternal.  We will keep working.

Lidia will be baptized this Saturday!!!!  She said a prayer on Sunday in Gospel Principles that would melt your heart.  "I am so excited for this baptism and I feel so happy."  She and Clori are so firm.  They have gone to church every Sunday for two months.  And the day is finally arriving. :))  The whole family is planning on coming down to attend.
We are working and teaching and learning and smiling.  Life is good.  And that would be an understatement.  Passos y Píterson sigan trabajando juntas.  The members are incredible.  We are excited for General Conference.  Invite everyone :)
I love you all so very much.  You are strong people because you find strength in God.
Until the next time,
Hermana Peterson

Monday, March 17, 2014

Miguel Angel

We had an incredible zone conference this week.  We learned more about how to teach with power and authority to the needs of each person, using lots of inspired questions.  I have to improve my teaching skills.  It is one of the worst feelings when we leave a house of someone who said they didn't want to keep learning and we wish we could have taught them better.  Learning to follow the Spirit is one of the best quests of life and we will always keep learning.  

Heidi, your mission call!!!! EEEE!  I am so excited.  This is the best mission in the world, so I sure hope you come here. :)  The coolest part is that all the missions are the best.  I am so excited for you!!!

The baptism of Miguel was great.  The ward is super excited to have a new member and Miguel seems happy to have a new family.  When we went to the temple he was was eager to get going in family history work so we`ll be in that this week.  I love that God works through covenants.  We make the first covenant of baptism and as we keep that promise we receive eternal life.  It brings us out of the world and a little closer to heaven.  We feel His love and know He isn't as far as we thought.

The weather has been PERFECT.  It is a pleasure to walk the streets of Buenos Aires all the day long.  We are reading the stories of the sons of Mosiah and Alma and all the hardships they faced.  I love the chapters afterwards, in Alma 27-29, where it is all about the JOY.  Why do we give all we have to the Lord and His work??  The reasons are endless, but just look at the joy they felt!!!  Es impresionante.  And Heidi, when we finally hug I'm pretty sure we will pass out for joy, like they did.  I'm imagining it right now, and I'm pretty sure that is how it will go down.  And our joy will be so huge and uncontainable for all the miracles that God has let us see.

God is a god of miracles.  Y acà en la misiòn, somos misioneros que luchan por milagros!! ¡Vamas Aldo! ¡Vamos Bonzi!

I love you all so much.  Your light shines all the way to Argentina.

Hermana Peterson

Saturday, March 15, 2014


First an order of business, sent from the offices:

Packages From Home
We are sorry to say that with new restrictions and fees that are being imposed by the
government of Argentina, we are no longer able to accept packages for the
missionaries. We have made this decision in conjunction with President Robertson, who
will preside over the mission beginning in July and in conjunction with other missions in
Do not use other methods such as FedEx, DHL or UPS as we will not attempt to retrieve
those packages.
We recommend sending your missionary a bank card that you can refill from home if they
need to purchase items here in Argentina. Before sending the card, please ensure that the
card can be activated without the involvement of the missionary in the field.
We will do our best to obtain those packages that are still in transit, but there is no
guarantee that we will be able to retrieve them. Thank you for your understanding
and cooperation with this issue.

Rachael, I hope I get the one that is in route!!! I´ll keep you updated. :)

What a miraculous week!! Tomas was baptized and Miguel went to the temple and felt an incredible peace.  We found another new family and are full of hope!  The Lord is blessing us and it brings us joy.  We are learning more diligence.  Diligence is the key.

It is strange but I can't think of anything to say....jaja. Give me a minute.

Well I just read all my emails and it made me even happier.  You are all so marvelous.

Let me tell you about Miguel.  Miguel lives with his brother, just the two of them.  He never got married and doesnt have any kids.  We were knocking doors one evening when his brother, Facundo, opened the door and said, not very convincingly, that we could pass by another day.  A few weeks later, we knocked the door again, and out stepped Miguel.  We asked if we could talk to him for a few minutes because we had something important to give him.  He said yes and we sat there outside in the sun, and shared the gospel.  We invited him to church and he said he had work.  The next lesson we talked about dìa de reposo.  We had barely explained the commandment when he said, "So I have to ask work off or find another job."  Well okay!  All throughout teaching him the lessons went along that same line.  "I need to stop drinking cafè then."  Well okay!  He received a new schedule at work and had gone to church the past three Sundays.  

When we went to the temple we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  His parents and several siblings have passed away.  As we talked about how he will be able to come to the temple and be sealed to his family he could hardly believe it.  He said he never thought such a blessing was possible.  He felt so much peace there, in the gardens of the temple.  We have a goal to take someone to the temple once a week.  So far, so good. :)  The Spirit is so strong.

Tomas was so excited to be baptized and his whole family was delighted.  They have been going to church every week and are receiving many blessings amidst the trials.

President called one day this week and invited me to share my experience with the Hermanas Lìderes Entrenadores.  It was a blessing for me.  I was struggling to be consistently diligent and we werent accomplishing what the Lord expected of us.  But we were humbled and we are changing and the Lord is pouring out His blessings upon us.  He is teaching me that I can do and become more than what I thought.  He knows our potential, and the potential of each child is infinite.  You can see it as you look in the eyes of baby Glory!!  That potential must be reached, no?  :)

I love you all to the moon and back.  Jesus Christ brings us this happiness.  It just doesn't exist in any other way.

Hermana Peterson

p.s. I recieved a TON of letters this week and I want to thank everyone who sent them!!!! Seminary class-  so awesome!!!  Thanks to each of you. :)
                                                                       Templo with Miguel
baptism of Tomas

las mujeres jovenes del barrio

el lider mission al con su familia

more members