Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bendiciones, Cuenta y Veras (3)

Hermana Cuevas made a little grateful jar when we started here together in Bragado.  Each day we write why we are grateful and then on Sunday night we read the notes and laugh and smile and remember all the beautiful blessings that the Lord gave us during the week. It is a great way to build unity.  Each day I am grateful that God gave me such a cute companion who helps me be my best self.  Can´t ask for more than that.

We taught like crazy this week!  Our district leader always says, "Work hard! Work smart! Teach like crazy!"  And that is what we did this week.  It was a blast.  I feel so full of gratitude, I cant express it.  Heavenly Father leads us to wonderful people.  And the best part is that familia Sosa is progressing well!!  Yesterday Alejandro and Josefina, 11, went to church!  Gabriela couldn´t go, but next week, sí.  We are passing by tonight and we are going to eat brownies and have a lovely little Noche de Hogar.  We always leave their home smiling ear to ear because they are so wonderful.

Each Saturday Hna Larralde gives us lunch.  I love eating with her and her two daughters, Erika y Sofia.  They are 22 and 17 years-old.  We are trying to help Sofia attend church and each week she is closer and closer.  She is now praying every day and reading the scriptures almost every day, and just these two little thngs gives me a great amount of joy.  

We had a Relief Society meeting this week about Visiting Teaching and it was so inspired.  That program is essential in the care of the sisters.  I love it.

I am happy.  I am excited for divisions this week, staying in Bragado with Hna Adams! It should be good.

It makes me so happy to hear the good news from home.  Thanks for the endless apoyo.  I love you all with my wholentire heart!!


Hermana Peterson
con los caballos

la Sociedad de Socorro


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hermana Cuevas is my new companion here in Bragado!! And I feel privileged to have such a wonderful soul as my companion.  We are both 22, happy, easy-going, and excited to work.  I am tall, she is short, Im from the United States and she´s from Honduras.  We go well together.

Hermana Cuevas learned to ride a bike this week and it was an extra challenge because the bike is much too big for her!  But she´s a sport and every time I look back to see if she´s still alive she has a giant smile on her lovely face.  Hasta ahora, todo bien.

And I have good news-  Mariana went to church!!!!  We have been having the hardest time getting people to church these past few weeks, and yesterday when we went to Mariana´s house before church she was ready and waiting!  It made me so happy.  She is eighteen and was a referral from a member.  Her mom passed away four years ago and she lives with her dad.  Her siblings are all older.  She loved church and was singing every song and participating in the classes.  She left content.  She said she feels good about her baptism the 6th of September.  I love Mariana.

And Cecilia gave the Relief Society lesson yesterday! Can you believe it? Three weeks as a member and already teaching Relief Society.  She is a rock.  She taught so naturally and shared experiences about Jaz and we were all touched.  It was a beautiful domingo.

We are teaching lots of great families, and helping some return to church that havent been in a while.  The weather is stupendous and the work is marching forward.

Have a great week!!! I love you all with all my heart!!

Hermana Peterson
Hermana Cuevas y yo esperando el colectivo

!la bici!

oooooh. :)

amo el campo

con Hna Millet

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Daniela and Abel went to church yesterday!!!  Let me tell you about them.  Abel is un abuelo that was baptized several months ago.  He lives alone and is very kind and cooks well.  Daniela lives a few blocks away from him and they are friends.  Daniela is 20ish.  They met together with the Hermanas for months and after five months Daniela decided to be baptized.  She loves Hermana Cleveland and Hermana Morales with all her heart and it was hard for her when they were transferred.  Abel has had some health problems and hasn't been attending and little by little Daniela stopped going.  She is part of a service group and they started working a lot of Sundays.  We have been trying these past two months to gain more confidence with her and help her come back.  Last Monday we went to the chapel and played basketball (yeah, it was a joke, but I tried), and on Friday we had a lovely lunch with Daniela, Abel, and his brother, Oscar.  It appeared to be the perfect moment, and they all agreed to go on Sunday.  And they all kept their word!!  It was a beautiful sight to see them all seated there, letting their souls be strengthened and healed by the power of Jesus Christ.  Our souls need that nourishment each Sunday.  There isn't any other peace like the peace of the sacrament.

Heavenly Father is leading us to some of His lost sheep.  This week we found so many people that were baptized years ago.  As we went to referrals, looked for people in the ward list, just talking to people on the street.  It was incredible! God really puts people in our paths.  That´s why opening our mouths and inviting people is so important.  So we are excited to start working with more members.

We had a super fun Noche de Hogar with the brother of David and his family.  I may have written about them a while ago, they have four kids and are married.  We had a lesson with them weeks ago but then they told us they weren't interested.  We organized this noche de hogar and they accepted and it was a blast.  We hope that in the future they can have more desire to have the same blessings David and Cecilia are enjoying.  Poco a poquito.

We are teaching lots of wonderful people right now.  It's just a matter of getting them to church.  Everything is super tranquilo in campo and sometimes it makes it harder to have firm committents.  We have an amazing lesson and they want to read, pray, go to church, accepting everything, and then we can never find them home again.  But we are praying and planning and the Lord really leads us to more and more and more of His children in need.  The work moves forward.

I started my last missionary agenda today.  It makes me feel weird when I look at it.  Time flies so fast!!  We have transfers this week, so we´ll see what happens!  Dun Dun Dun.

It is a gorgeous day in Bragado.  The sun is so happy to shine down on us.

I love you all so much and I ope you have an uplifting week full of miracles.  God love you, don't forget it!!

LOVES y besos,

Hermana Peterson

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I loved this week:)

I went to 9 de Julio this week with Hna Morales and Hna Redford and we had a great time. They are in a trio right now so their other companion, Hna Hale, was with my compañera in Bragado.  9 de Julio is an adorable town and the people are delightful.  We taught families and learned more about how to teach to the needs of the people and got to know one another, and I loved it.

God blessed us with amazing people this week.  We were looking for a reference from a member and the direction was strange, so we strated knocking doors and asking people.  We finally found what we though was it, knocked, and a woman answered.  She told us that it wasnt the house of the referral but that she was his sister. He was in the hospital because their other sister suffers from depression and had taken a bad turn.  We invited her to church and she was receptive.  We ended up entering and having a wonderful lesson with her.  Her name is Soledad and she is lovely.  She has a son who is eighteen and her pareja that she's been with for several years. She is also taking care of the children of her sister while she is in the hospital.  We went back the next day with Hermana Larralde, an angel of a woman.  They were able to understand one another and take strength from one another´s faith.  Soledad accepted a baptismal date and has a lot of hope in the new life she can have as she begins to attend church and invite God´s power into her life.

We also saw a miracle with familia Carrano, a family that was baptized in December.  They had been offended by something that happened and didn't want to go to church anymore.  The members and Branch President have been praying for months to try and help them.  We were finally able to have a lesson with them that we have been planing for weeks.  We talked about the example of Nefi when his brothers tried to kill him and tied with up with strong cords.  Even though it hurt and they were in the wrong, Nefi frankly forgives them all that they had done.  The family was prepared, and after months and months of visits and prayers and phone calls from members and missionaries alike, they all went to church yesterday.  It was a very happy miracle.

I love you all and I am happy for the good choices you are making.  We must always be anxiously engaged in a good cause and do many great things of our own free will.  We are agents unto ourselves! We are free!  Let us choose to do as Christ would do. It is the happiest choice we can choose.

"Smile! You are a child of God!"

Hermana Peterson
It just happened to be Hna Passos birthday the day of divisiones!

happy 20!

a little bit of campo travelling.

noche de hogar

the zone

Burritos!! Thank you, Hermana Alldredge.

!Hna Morales Hna Redford!

A beautiful activity in the branch.

To give us all a laugh

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Marriage and Baptism

or the week of many pictures!
This week was wonderful.

As almost always, the week before baptism is full of challenges, and such was the case this week.  We taught about the priesthood in more detail to help prepare David.  He got all quiet and then angry and said that if anyone gave him a calling he wouldn't go to church anymore because he just wanted peace and just wanted to keep being like they are.  When we entered their house that day David was singing and listening to music, and when we left he was almost crying.  That is not how you want to leave a lesson!  So we prayed a lot and had another lesson the next day and he was normal again and said, "I don't know what happened to me yesterday."  Well, okay.  

Cecilia is super excited to learn everything there is to know and is reading everything she can get her hands on.  So we called on Thursday to see how she was doing and she was crying.  "I don't know if we´re getting married tomorrow," she told us.  We rushed over with her member friend, Romina, and she was crying in her bedroom.  We asked David what happened and he said, "I don't know, ask her.  I'm getting married tomorrow.  What's the big deal?"  Oh my goodness.  So Cecilia was excited and wanted David to be as excited, so it hurt her feelings and then David was all, "I just want to be an eternal family, but that can't happen for another year. That´s what I'm excited for."  Oh my goodness.  jaja.  

And then Friday came... And everything was perfect!!  David and Cecilia were so happy, all smiles.  Their families came and then we had a lovely lunch in the chapel.  It was so happy.

And then Saturday came...  And it was all perfect again!  They are SO HAPPY!  And we love them so much.  We sang and it was evident I hadn't sung in front of people for a while because I was shaking the whole time.  But they liked the song, so that was good.

And then Sunday came, and they were still so happy.  Feliz Dís del Amigo!  They gave us adorable friend mugs and a letter and chocolate.  They are perfect.  

They always talk about how Hna Morales came to get them married, then Hna Millet showed up to get them baptized, and then I showed up.  David was trying to figure out what my mission was and then he found it-  to add to the family. jaja!  One day I said that Jazmín needed a little brother and then it became a joke.  And the day they got married David said, "Hermana Peterson, I think your mission will be in process before you go home." jaja!!  so we´re thinking of names.... :)

I want to send more pictures, so that´s all for this week.  The Church is true! I love you all!!

Hermana Peterson
Setting the scene

David y Cecilia

they are so CUTE! en el registro civil


jazmin putting on the rings


con las misionaras

los anillos

Sole y Maxi (David's sister and nephew)

cute party favors

David wrote this...

I loved this moment

flia Lopez y flia Martinez

happy friend day

Friday, July 18, 2014

Keep Calm and Love Argentina

I am so happy!!!!!!!

I loved going to Saladillo (in the dictionary it says that saladillo means "salty peanut" so that made me like it even more).  All of the little pueblos here are basically like Granville but in castellano.  It´s pretty great.  I was working with Hermana Ancheta, from Honduras.  She is a scripture master and I want to be more like her.  We met some great people and I loved it.  We watched the game with a member family and it was one of the greatest Argentine experiences of my life.  Definitely worth giving up part of our P-day.  Everyone gasping and cheering and crying.  One of the girls had her face all painted and then cried at the end when Argentina won, her tears falling down blue and white.  It was priceless.  My camera card has a virus right now and I have to get it fixed, otherwise you would have pictures.

Then I came back to beloved Bragado.

We won't talk about the match yesterday.  We weren't watching, just listening to the shouts of agony that could be heard in our apartment complex.  Que triste.

We had wonderful experiences this week.  Firstly, David y Cecilia, the young couple that will be getting married and baptized this weekend.  They are so righteous and excited and worthy that it makes me want to cry.  Their goal is the temple and they will never forget it.  We reviewed DyC 20:37 and when we asked why they wanted to be baptized their answers were perfect, and they said them with conviction.  Cecilia because she wants to belong to the true church of Jesus Christ, and she wants to follow Him.  She wants to be cleansed from her sins and begin a new life.  David said that the sin of not living the law of chastity weighs heavily on his soul and he just cant wait to be freed from that burden.  The happiness we feel as we teach them and see them grow cannot be put adequately into words.  This Friday and Saturday will be some of the best days of my life so far. They are getting married!!! And then they are getting baptized!!!  And it will be so happy!!! :)

We also had an incredible moment with Romina.  She is 24 and a few years ago her son, who was 3, passed away.  He had a bad fall, hit his head, was in the hospital for about two weeks, and then passed away.  She had been fir in her church before, but after that terrible experience she felt lost and stopped going to church.  This week we were able to share the Plan with her and read her the words of the prophets that say that all little children who die before the age of accountability are saved in the kingdom of God.  We cried together as we rejoiced in the glorious plan that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us.  She is now determined to be prepared to return to live with her son and with Heavenly Father.  She is preparing for baptism.

I feel so blessed.  This work is the best work there is. :)  

I love you all.  Hugs and kisses.

Hermana Peterson
la zona de chivilcoy sur:))

This was from the leadership meeting a few weeks ago


la zona con presidente

mi companerita y yo