Monday, May 13, 2013

I can't get the Spanish keyboard on this computer, but just mentally put an accent over that "a" and all will be well.
Many many lagrimas were shed this week. Our District is gone and it was sad to say goodbye.  The bonds we've grown are deep because they are bonds of the Gospel, of feeling the Spirit and sharing spiritual experiences every hour of every day!  It is truly a special bond and some of the Hermanas have been having a hard time.  Hermana Kitchens will be the last to go and she leaves tomorrow. Then it will just be me, Hna Tibbitts, and Hna Sagers, as a trio.
Let me tell you a little about Hermana Sagers.  She is drop-dead gorgeous.  People come up to her daily and stop her to tell her how beautiful she is.  She is also gullible and has the goofiest laugh you have ever heard.  Then you find out she went to BYU and wants to go to Law school, and then that she was Valedictorian and you kind of go, woah.  Then you find out when she was little her parents would give her quarters for memorizing poems and that she still has most of them memorized. She is a champion memorizer and several times while we've been here we'll be having a discussion and she'll say, "Is it all right is I share a poem?"  And then she'll recite the most perfect, beautiful poem.  She is diligent.  She's also going to Argentina eventually, Mendoza Mission.  Basically, Hermana Sagers is one of those people who the more you get to know, the more and more impressed you become.  So I am excited to be in a trio with her for the next bit.
My companion has had a rough go.  She has not enjoyed the MTC.  She's had the hardest time out of all of us, mostly because she doesn't really want to be a missionary, even though she knows very well that this is where Heavenly Father needs her.  And we're all sure glad she has pushed through. She has an incredible capacity to love.  She is very sad to see everyone go.  But I feel strongly that we still have lessons to learn here together, and so does she, so we are moving forward and trying to work with more diligence and determination.  I am so grateful for her.  She is helping me be the kind of missionary I know I need to become.  I love that we get to call each other "Hermana" because that is honestly what we are, hermanas.  
We were practicing giving away copies of the Book of Mormon yesterday and I approached three sisters and asked if we could practice with them and one of the sisters said, "Hey! Look at my name tag!" Guess who it was?  Sister Hadley!  I hadn't even recognized her!  So that was fun.  She seems like she's already doing very well.  She was kind enough to suffer through my sad attempt at making approaching a stranger and explaining the Book of Mormon seem almost (not!) normal.  Yeah, contacting new people out of nowhere is super awkward for me. It's bad in Enlgish, but 3000 times worse in Spanish. Jaja. I'll get there eventually.
I love the MTC.  I'm not bothered by having more time here, even thought I'm eager to go at the same time.  I feel the love of God with force.  God's love is a moving force and I'm trying to utilize that as best I can.  Paul, have safe travels to Jordan today and don't forget to email me about your adventures.  Mom, be safe, too.  I hope you're having a blast.  Family, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Thanks for all your love and prayers.  You're the best family on Earth, just don't let the word get out. :)  The Church is true.
Mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson

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