Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Thank you for the wonderful package of joy, Mother! I love you so much, and I love how you put yourself into your packages- my companions loved all the fun treats.  And elyssa! I just got your letter and Jethro has now joined the collection of baby pictures that are plastering the door on our Residence.  My companion said she had never seen me so happy as when I stared at Jethro for ten minutes after I opened the package. Jaja.  So thank you, everyone who sends me love, in whatever form.  I sure feel it.
About the reassignment, we've heard that should happen on Wednesday, so stay tuned.  Dad, you asked more about it- honestly I don't know much more about it, but no, it's not permanent.  I 'll likely be there for one or two transfers, until my visa comes and then they'll ship me off to Argentina.  I might not even go Spanish speaking when I'm reassigned, just depends on the need.  A second mission call!!
Yesterday Hna Banfield had us practice our accents by speaking with pens clenched between our teeth.  She said when we speak English we use our whole jaw and not much of our tongue and lips and it's the opposite in Spanish.  We all sounded like goofballs but then when you take the pen out you feel like you can talk so fast. Kind of fun. :)
We had a wonderful experience yesterday.  Our teacher had us do some contacting here at the MTC.  We went outside and prayed that the Lord would direct us to someone who needed the message we had to share.  My companion and I prepared a brief message about the Comfort that Jesus Christ has to offer.  We started walking and I saw a girl that was in my Ward at BYU, and so we went up and joined her and her companion at their table, asking if they had a minuite for a little message.  So that we get practice with Spanish, one person gives the message while the other translates.  It was my turn to teach, so I began teaching.  My friend's companion started crying almost immediately after we started teaching and we all felt the Spirit so strongly.  After a minute two other Sisters from their district joined them and listened to the rest of the message, too.  After we finished they asked how we knew that that was exactly what they needed.  One of the Sisters had received news the week before of her dad having a heart attack and had just found out that morning that he may need to have open heart surgery.
There are no coincidences and Heavenly Father is so aware of each one of us.  He knew that Sister needed a little boost, a little comfort.  He knows our needs and He does all He can to help us see it.  He loves YOU!  I'm so grateful for the power of the love of God.
We got to hear from the new Young Women's General President this week and let me tell you- the Young Women are in excellent hands! It was an excellent talk and I liked her very much.  We get such awesome devotionals here all the time!!
Family, and friends, too, I love you with all I've got!  I'm grateful for this sacred time to serve my God and I know that when all is said and done I will be able to love you even more, which makes me very excited.  Thanks for your support.  Vaya con Dios.
Con THIS MUCH amor,
Hermana Peterson

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