Monday, November 4, 2013

La Hermana Zamora y Yo

We are companions! And today I will send pictures.  Well this week was full and we saw lots of miracles.  We had an Hermana´s Conference and it was incredible.  There are some amazing missionaries in this mission and I was inspired and uplifted as I listened and learned.  We realized we all pass through the same challenges.  We are learning the same lessons.  And we are all here to become better servants to our King.  There is power.

It rained all day Friday and our citas all fell through.  As we were leaving the house of Gabriel a dog decided to accompany us out of the neighborhood and was jumping in all the puddles, running with us through the rain.  We thought he would turn back after a bit, but no!  He followed us the whole day long!  We named him Solovino.  He was really excited the whole time and sometimes jumped up on people and they gave us mean looks, thinking the dog belonged to us.  We had a leson with Justa and he sat outside crying quite loudly throughout the whole lesson.  When we came out again he found us.  I am growing a love for dogs here. Never thought I would say that, did you? Me neither.  After four hours when we got on the colectivo we had to leave the dog behind, but we will probably meet him again some day. jaja.

That same day, after knocking on many doors without anyone letting us in, we came upon a man standing on the corner. We asked him what he was doing and he told us he was bored so he decided to step outside to see what was going on.  We told him he was probably supposed to hear what we had to share with him.  He pulled out some chairs we sat there under umbrellas, learning about his life and feeling the Spirit.  He is a widower of ten years and his children are all grown.  He doesn´t believe in life after death and doesn´t feel much purpose to his life.  His name is Aldo.  We testified of the ressurrection and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He felt it.  God loves him and is acutely aware of his needs.  Heavenly Father does have a plan for each of us, and He does have a way for us to find happiness amid the gloom we may feel.  With Christ, there is light.

I just really love Argentina.

I love you too, family.  You are special.

Hermana Peterson

We went to contact a reference from a member yesterday after Church and it turned out to be a beautiful family of five.  The dad, the mom, and three daughters, 22, 20, and 9 years old.  We are looking forward to our next visit!
                                                                    nuestra angelita
                                                                  Justa Y Maria
                                                               Three Baptisms this day
                                          hna Alley y hno Guillermo, misionera de barrio
                                                                         La feria
                                                        this is milanesa. GIGANTE.
hna Graciela that always accompanies us and I love her

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