Monday, October 28, 2013

Nos Quedamos

So much happened this week!  Hermana Salas left us for Perù and with 54 new missionaries that arrived this transfer there were changes all over the place to accommodate until transfers, which were this morning.  I was with Hermana Alley, an adorable new missionary from Utah, for two days.  Her feet were worn raw within the first few hours and she was suffering but she didn't complain one bit and persevered all the way through.  She will make a wonderful addition to the mission.

Hermana Zamora and I are now working as a companionship, still in Aldo Bonzi.  I love my area.  This will be an excellent tranfser and we are ready to keep working with all diligence.

You will all be thrilled to know that Justa made it to her baptism on Friday and yesterday received the gift of the Holy Ghost!!!  I love Justa so much and I have pictures to send but this computer wont connect to my camera so you will have to wait until next week. I know, the suspense!  Justa is all smiles these days.  She makes me quite felìz. And she always giving us un montòn de nìsperos.  I think that is how you spell it. Delicious.

We were walking down the street one day this week when we heard someone behind saying, "Ey! Chicas!"  We turned around and there was a woman walking up to us.  She asked if we were from a church and we told her yes.  she said she always sees us and we are always happy, and she was curious about who we were.  We asked if we could pass by her house to tell her about why we are happy and she said, "Yeah, let me show you where I live."  Woah!  So she showed us her door and we set up an appointment for later that day.  Milagros.  God is always preparing people to hear the gospel.  He leads them to us and us to them.  

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  I know that we are all brothers and sisters.  I know that we are required to love all men and treat them like what they are- our family. :)  Everyone you see and meet and know is important to Heavenly Father.  Let them be important to you as well.  

Family, I really love you with all my heart.  Also, I love Argentina. :)

Hermana Peterson

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