Monday, May 12, 2014

a Light

What a treat!  I got to talk to you yesterday and now I get to write you!  Wow, I sure loved seeing your faces and hearing your voices.  The time went so fast!  But your spirits are strong and vibrant with love.  I feel so abundantly blessed.

We had a sister conference this week and I was reunited with Hna Zamora, Hna Passos, Hna Hicken, and every other deeply and importantly talented sister of the mission.  I have pictures but they will have to wait until next week.  We learned a lot.  Every conference, interview, meeting that we have with Presidente y la Hermana Carter are so high quality.  Not a moment wasted and we always leave knowing exactly what we have to do.  The Sister Training Leaders are so inspired and each prepared a taller perfecto.  We are here to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.

So many miracles this week.  Monica and Maxi will be baptized on Saturday!  Monica brought her son to church for the first time and he was so curious about everything.  He is only six but he is already highly independent.  He went to Primary and was asking, What is prayer? Who is God?  What is a prophet?  And then he explained it all to Monica afterwards.  I love Monica.

Daniel brought his whole family to church yesterday!!  Mom, tia, primos, hermanos, todos!  We have been teaching them since he was baptized and they want the change he is having.  We did a Family Night with them this week and watched a video about the Family: a Proclamation to the World and it shows how we can apply the gospel in our families to have unity and love.  When the video ended they all smiled and said, "That was beautiful."  They are beginning to pray as families.

I feel a happiness that must come from the heavens, because there isn't anything quite like it in the world.  It comes from sharing the gospel and loving people and trusting more in God and His power than in any other thing.  People can change.  People can become new.  We can forget about the old man of sin and rejoice in the miracle of forgiveness.  Our hearts can change.  Our eyes can be opened. And it is all made possible through Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.  What a miraculous plan our Heavenly Father made for us!

Well, family, just keep on keepin` on.  Let yourself reach your goals and keep climbing.  I love you!  And Heavenly Father loves you.

Un beso grande,

Hermana Peterson

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