Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monica y Maxi

Were baptized this weekend!  And it was so happy.  Maxi is thirteen and is already talking about how he wants to serve a mission.  They are starting fresh, starting a new life, and it is very exciting.  When Monica came out of the bathroom in her white dress she looked at her son and said, "Now I'm going to heaven."  Dionel had a nervous look on his face for a second but when we started laughing he just smiled and ran away to play.  But she really did look like an angel. Awww. :)

Daniel`s family didn't make it to church this week and we were bummed but they will go this Sunday.  There is lots of sickness going around and they said they woke up not feeling well.  But Nancy is still going strong with her daughters and two of them will be baptized this weekend.  Nancy will be getting married and then she and Malena will be baptized in June.  They have a lot of faith.  And we had a miracle in church! A woman entered the chapel and nobody knew who she was.  It turns out she lives just a few blocks from the capilla and always thought, "One day I need to go to that church."  This week she decided the time had come, so she went!  She enjoyed being there and we will visit her and get to know her family tonight.  She seems to be prepared to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

We have transfers this week and we are nervous.  President said there will be a lot of changes.  We don't want to be separated!  But the Lord always knows best and whatever is coming will be what He wants, and that means it will be good. :)  I am loving this labor in the vineyard of the Lord.  We are learning to be better teachers of the gospel and how to help people have a true repentance, a repentance that will bring them to the celestial kingdom, sin mancha.  It is so wonderful that we can be made clean through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  We can start again, we can find hope, we can be made new, we can serve others, we can create happiness, we can bring peace.  All because of Him.

The first and great commandment is to Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your mind, and with all your soul.  If we can master that we can do everything God wants us to do.  Let´s do it!!

I love you all with my whole soul!  Be well and righteous.


Hermana Peterson

Monica y Maxi

Monica y Dionel y Hermanas


Birthday Girl!


We love these people!

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