Monday, October 21, 2013


Justa is a wonderful woman.  We found her one day sitting outside her house watching the cars go by, about a month ago.  We sat down with her and began talking.  She is from the province of Jujuy and is very timid.  People from Buenos Aires LOVE to talk, generally speaking, but oftentimes people from the provinces are more reserved.  This day Justa was very quiet and she told us she felt very sad.  Her husband passed away two years ago and she lives alone, never had any children.  She is 75 years old.  She wouldn't let us into her home to have a lesson but we had a little lesson, there sitting on the cement.  She said she didn't know if we could come back for another lesson because sometimes she goes out and she never knows when she will be home.  We eventually found a good time for the both of us and she said it was fine.  We had been passing by every few days and one day Hermana Salas needed a bathroom and Justa was hesitant to let us in.  Hermana Salas put on her "pretty please" face and Justa let us in.  

Her walls are covered with artwork.  She has a collection of padlocks on one wall.  A picture of her husband sits on her kitchen table, with his long white beard and kind eyes.  She began to tell us about how she and her husband were artists, she likes to paint nature and he likes to paint people.  One day he didnt feel very well and they went to the doctor.  The doctor told her he needed some therapy, and he died the next day.  It was very sudden and she misses him terribly.  She wants to be with him again, and we shared with her the plan of salvation.  The next Sunday she went to Church, all three hours.

She is leaving behind the traditions of her fathers and entering into the waters of baptism and it is so happy.  Now that we have her trust she is such a crack-up.  She is quiet by nature but she is always making little jokes and she is so much happier than when we first found her.  When we taught her the law of chastity and asked if she had a novio she asked, "Why? Do you want me to find one?"  She goes to church by herself and just smiles and listens all the while.  I love Justa.

ALSO, we received a new companion this week!  Her name is Hermana Zamora, from México!!  She is fresh from the MTC, plus a few weeks waiting for her visa.  She is all smiles and full of energy for the work of the Lord.  She arrived on Wednesday and she has made a wonderful addition to our companionship.  The Hermana Salas leaves us for her blessed Perú this weekend and I can hardly believe it.  She has taught me more in these weeks than I have learned in years of schooling.  She will be missed.  We have transfers next Monday and we are not sure what will happen.  

Yesterday was El Día de la Madre in Argentina, entonces, Felíz Día, Mamá! La quiero un montón.  Good timing for your birthday as well. :)  Felíz Cumpleaños!!  You are the most amazing woman I know.

This gospel is so true.  The power of prayer and the scriptures and the ability to change and act are beautiful blessings.  Be humble and accept the will of God with patience and charity and you will be miracles.  Always be available for the work of the Lord.  I love you, family.  You are so righteous.  And so beautiful. :)

Loves and besitos,

Hermana Peterson

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