Monday, January 13, 2014


We had the most wonderful time in church yesterday. Let me tell you about it.

We arrived at the church to be greeted by Cristian, the grandson of Ramona.  He said she was already in the sacrament room and he headed off to his own ward.  We greeted all the members and sat down with Ramona, in the back so that we could repeat everything the speakers said right into her ear.  She has a lot of difficulty hearing anything that isnt said right into her ear.  As the meeting began, I realized the task I was being put up to!  By the end of the hour I was completely wiped out!  It is one thing to translate something into English but something else entirely to listen and repeat everything in Castellano.  We had excellent speakers, one being a member of the Seventy, and it was spiritually very edifying.  Ramona was pleased to have heard all the talks (mas o menos :).  There was a whole lot of improv going on, but I did my best. jaja.

Then we headed to Gospel Principles where the Élderes taught a great lesson about Adán y Eva and the Fall.  Ramona was full of thoughtful questions and the members eagerly helped her understand better.  Ramona has a lot of knowledge of the Bible and a whole lot of faith.  Then we presented the Plan Misional to the Mujeres Jóvenes and got them all pumped.  Then we went to Relief Society and did the same thing.  As we explained the plan, the Spirit was filling the room, almost tangible.  Then Ramona raised her hand, and began to share the most beautiful testimony youve ever heard.  She thanked the Sisters for helping her grow closer to Jesus Christ, for helping her to feel so good, there in the chapel.  Then she explained that she still hasnt received the answer to know if she really needs to be baptized again in this church, but that she is praying to know the truth and hopes to continue attending each week.  It couldnt have been more perfect.  The Spirit touched us all.

Ramona has a lot of doubts and difficulties, but she keeps moving forward.  It is difficult for her to leave behind her past and accept the light and peace that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings.  But she is doing it!  She is praying and studying and feeling more peace each day.  She is beginning to talk about all her children, and that she wants them to have this same knowledge she is gaining.  She is a blessing to us and to the ward and to everyone.  

We just have to open our mouths and share the gospel.  It is the way of the Savior.  It is the best way!

I love you all so very very much!!  I love hearing from you.  Thanks for all the support and prayers and love.  I feel them with force, even from so far.

Hermana Peterson

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