Monday, January 6, 2014


Ramona, mi corazón! Let´s just say the Lord prepares the way.

Early in the week we were walking down the street when a couple on a moto passed and stopped a little ways in front of us. As we passed the man called us over and introduced himself as a member of the Ciudad Evita 1 ward. He said his grandma lived in our area and wants to be baptized. He gave us his number and told us to call when we can go visit because he wanted to accompany us. Woah! We called two days later and we went to meet Ramona in the nursing home, which is conveniently across the street from our apartment. Ramona is 64, in a wheelchair, mostly deaf, and incredibly desirous to have the gospel of Jesus Christ. I walked into the nursing home and was surprised by how similar it is where I worked in high school, but on a much smaller scale.  I felt right at home!  We went back the next day, again with Cristian, her grandson, and then on Sunday he brought her to the church. Cristian is a recent convert of six months, 24 years old, and very excited about the joy he has found. A member sat with Ramona for the first hour and helped her sing the hymns. All of the skills I gained from working in a nursing home came in handy as we helped her with all of her needs. The Spirit touched me many times throughout the day as I reflected on the mercy of the Lord and the grand plan He has for each one of us.  She is excited to be baptized on the 1st of February.

I am loving Ciudad Evita.  It is definitely where the Lord wants me to be, and for that, I am grateful.  

We were eating lunch in the house of some members yesterday when their cat brought in a mouse, still alive, and was playing with it, trapping it in the corner and just watching it!  It was just like the cats in cartoons.  Hermana Passos has a phobia of mice and the family is a house with only girls, all squealing despite the fact the youngest is 20. :)  So Camila, 22, and I got a box and trapped the mouse and set it free in the grass.  I sure didn't want to kill it and she didn't either, to the disappointment of the viewers.  It was exciting and we laughed lots.  The lunch was delicious.

I want to send pictures so I wont write more, but I love you all!  Be humble and obedient and I will do the same.  Loves.

Feliz año!!!

Hermana Peterson

Por fin, compre un sombrero - pero tengo verguenza
Card we sent to members

Our wonderful obispo and family invited us over for Christmas Dinner!

2014 New Year's dinner with the Familia Hererra

Feliz Ano Neuvo!
Hermanas Goncalves y Zamora

The wonderful familia Lissandrello in Aldo Bonzi

A favorite of mine - Familia Marchinarez - and the daughter of el obispo

We love our Christmas banner from Mumsie - Hna Passos loves the photo of Cristo Redentor
Una companera mui feliz!

Oreo Night! Cada Jueves - it's our rule!

The fanciestTuna Rice Salad I've ever seen!

Zona Aldo Bonzi - Largest in the Mission!

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  1. Ah Hermana Peterson! You look so brown and beautiful! You are radiant, my love. Missionary work agrees with you :)