Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Mother! I received your package this morning. Only two months´ wait. jaja. Muchísimas gracias. Muy lindo, todo.  

We changed this week!  We evaluated what we could improve and change and we are doing it!  This week we had much more success.  The Lord was still testing us, trying our faith.  On Sunday, we were wiped out.  Our one progressing investigator (Ramona) is in a wheelchair and her grandson went out of town so we helped her get to church and then took care of her there.  She was having an off day.  She was happy, then sad, then tranquila, then wanted to leave, then was actively participating in the classes, then falling asleep.  It was wild.  Then we had a baptism of an eight-year-old immediately after church.  Ramona was ready to go but we had to stay for the baptism because we were the ones that taught the little girl the lessons to prepare her for baptism.  When the baptism finally started we went to the font and it was practically empty!  The water to the church had been cut.  Luckily, we have a quick-thinking bishop who asked Brother Agüero if they could use his pool.  So the family and the bishop went to the pool and then returned and we had the confirmation.  I´ve never been so tired after a church meeting!  We still lacked many of our goals for the week, but we went forth with faith and mucho ánimo.  The Lord blessed us with many blessings.  We were led to four new people to teach and we were able to help them feel the Spirit.  All in all, it was a wonderful week.  We met lots of new people and learned how to be better representatives of Jesus Christ.

To see Ramona after she goes to church is incredible.  She has so much peace and feels the love God has for her.  We are working to help her turn her weaknesses into strengths, putting her trust in the Lord.  She has so much knowledge of the gospel.  We mention the name of someone in the Bible and she tells us the whole story with quotes of what the people said and every detail of what happened.  Now it is just a matter of overcoming old habits and allowing the strenght of the Lord to change her heart.  She is praying for it, and it will come.

It is super hot these days. Don´t worry, papa, I drink PLENTY of water. :) And it rained last night and now the air is cooler.  The rain is lovely.

I love you lots. Besitos.

Hermana Peterson

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