Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dulce de Leche

We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission. Did I already tell you that?  Anyways, it is a great experience.  Right now we are reading about the prophesies of Isaiah where he saw the Book of Mormon and how it would spread throughout the world bringing truth the the children of God.  I love reading the Book of Mormon, especially in spanish.  It is such good food for the soul.  It is so true.

Lidia is so sweet.  We meet with Lidia and the family twice a week and they always send us off with sweets.  Yesterday it was two alfajores each and a conito, which is a little cookie with a giant dolop of dulce de leche on top in the shape of a cone all bathed in chocolate.  They go to church each week and it makes me so happy.  They are reading the scriptures every day and praying sincerely.  These two sisters are 84 and 86 years old and they are so actively looking for knowledge and light.  It is incredible.

Hermana Passos began to take the lead in all the lessons and planning this week.  She was stressed and angry and frustrated but then happy and hopeful and diligent.  It seems to work that way for all of us. :)  What a lovely companion I have.  Our classes of Portuguese and English are going well.  We found new people to teach the Gospel this week and the Lord is teaching us how to do this work in His way.  Faith precedes the miracles.

I love you all so very much and when that baby is born you all better give it extra extra love for me!!!!  I am so excited to see him/her.  What was that word Nick made up? It would be useful right about now.  Thanks for all the prayers and examples and words of love.  My heart is happy.

Hermana Peterson

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