Monday, February 3, 2014

Menos Activos

Today I want to talk about those that sometimes have a hard time getting to church.  We had some great experiences this week.  We went to eat in the house of a family that hasn't been to church in a few months.  Two little kids, one that will turn eight this year.  We began to talk about how the mom was introduced to the church and learned about her story, her family (this is one of the best parts of being a missionary:).  she was baptized when she was eight, her parents found the church when she was seven.  She was married in the temple, always a faithful member of the church.  Then the ward boundaries changed.  She was separated from the rest and put in our ward.  She began to go but she didn't feel at home.  The building is different, the people are different, there wasn't anyone to be in the nursery.  I asked when the last time she had been to church was and she said, with watery eyes, that already a few months had passed.  Her husband arrived home from work and joined in the conversation.  He shared that he felt guilty.  Their daughter wants to be baptised this year and they aren't going to church.  He has covenants that he is not fulfilling.

So what keeps you from going?

The mom tiredly said that each Saturday they prepare the clothes to go to church, they get everything ready.  Then Sunday morning rolls around....and they just don't go.  She said she doesn't know what it is that happens, but they just don't make it out the door.  There was suffering in her eyes the whole time.  She never expected to be in this situation.  She never expected to have this struggle, and it pained her to see the effects.  They told us they just needed a push.  So we pushed!  They committed to go the next day, and all committed to pray.

Church starts at 9:30 and as the hour got closer and closer and they still hadnt arrived we began to pray harder.  9:40.....9:50....and they entered the chapel!!!  We were so happy.  They were so happy.  The Hermano later shared that they woke up at 9:05.  His wife said, no, we´re already too late.  He said they were going to church.  They all got ready in a flash in their Sunday best and ran to the chapel.

Perhaps it is difficult sometimes to see the importance of this simple act of going to church each Sunday, but the truth is that it brings miracles into our lives.  We find peace, we find strength, we find faith.  And the Lord blesses us with what He knows we need.

I love this ward so much.  The members are valiant and true disciples of Jesus Christ.  

We are teaching classes of English and Portuguese, did I already tell you that? I think so.  But it is so fun!  Our students love it too!

I love you all to the moon and back and Im so proud to be here in the service of the Lord.

With lots of love,

Hermana Peterson

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