Monday, April 21, 2014

El Colectivo

So Hermana Salinas is from Paraguay and she is twenty.  She has ten months as a missionary and is SUPER CAPA.  I love working with her.  She is bold and full of love.  Morón is a big city (at least the bigest Ive been in here) and our area covers el centro.  The area isnt huge but there are a ton of people.  When we contact people in the street they almost never live here in Morón and if they do there is very little chance that theyll give us their address.  So we work with the members a full.  Hermana Salinas and I were talking about the contacts we were making and it was Thursday.  Only one day more before we should be finished with our key indicators.  We needed 35 contacts so we decided to do something we have always wanted to do- contact the whole colectivo.....

We set out on Friday and nervously boarded the colective, llena de gente.  We asked permission of the driver to make an annoucement and he complied.  "Hello, fellow passengers..." Hermana Salinas started us off.  We invited everyone to join us for church on Easter Sunday and to visit the church website to learn more about Jesus Christ and how He can help us find happiness.  We gave everyone a card and felt happy.  We were super excited afterwards and decided it wont be the last time.  We realized it isnt so hard afterall, and in fact it is quite fun.  It is the best feeling in the world to proclaim the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, without fear and hesitation.  With that act of faith Heavenly Father gave us many miracles.

We knocked a door this week, where some kids were playing outside.  We asked if we could talk with their mom and a woman came outside and told us she was leaving to go to a night course to finish high school.  There are lots of programs here to help people finish high school years after they dropped out.  She said we could pass by another day.  We went for the cita we had set with her and she let us in. Nanci, se llama.  We began talking and she looked so sad.  She hardly spoke and only gave short answers to our questions.  We only had a few minutes to talk with her and shared a little bit about how Christ could help her.  We said we would pass by again to meet the rest of her children and her husband.

The next day we went to her house and found all five of her children there, and everyone pulled up a chair to listen.  The oldest, Ludmila, is fifteen, and the youngest is three.  We explained how when we have sins we feel guilty and dirty but that through the power of repentance and baptism and the Atonement of Jesus christ we can be made completely clean.  They all decided it was something they need.  We invited them to church and they said they would go.

On Saturday night I called to see if they were prepared to go to church in the morning.  They said yes!  We called again in the morning and Ludmila had woken everyone up and they were almost ready to go in colectivo.  We couldnt believe it!  They went to all three hours of church.  We stopped by afterwards to see how they liked it and they said they had already been talking about it, and have decided to go again next Sunday!!  

And then there was Daniel.  He is also super capo.  He is twenty-four, works  going house to house cutting grass, etc.  His sense of humor is IGUALITO to Paul´s.  It gets me every time.  So if you can imagine Paul, but moreno, gordo, and speaking Spanish, that´s Daniel.  They call him Turco.  He was super committed to go to church, and we were waiting and waiting and he didnt come.  He and Ricardo (Coni) live in the same nieghborhood and will be baptized together this Saturday.  But Ricardo wasnt there either.  We knew something must have happened so we went to find out.  It turns out that on Saturday night Daniel was working and his shoes broke.  He didnt have others and didnt want to go to church with broken shoes.  Ricardo woke up to go to church but his transportation, his cousin, was sick and wasnt going.  They scambled everything together and made it to church for sacrament meeting.  It was a miracle!!  They will both be baptized by Ezequiel.  One month as a member and he has already brought three souls to Christ.

We found some incredible people this week.  The work is hastening on!  Our ward is awesome and I love it.  I am learning a ton from Hermana Salinas.  She is so frank and loving with people and everyone appreciates it.  In this world we need to hear the truth, and hear it clearly.  When it is said with love there is nothing that can stop it from making a difference.

We just had a great district activity and ate tacos again and played futbol.  I dominated, obviously. jaja.  We arent in Mexico but we still love eating tacos.  Pictures next week.

I love you all so much and I love seeing the pictures and hearing about everything that is going on in your lives.  You are beautiful people.  And I am so excited to speak Spanish with Heidi.  :)  I love you lots.

Hermanita Peterson

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