Monday, April 28, 2014

I am just so Happy!

Daniel and Ricardo were baptized!!!  And I am trying to send photos but it is not working. :(  But it was so beautiful.  Daniel´s family came and it was their first time in the church.  The ward is so wonderful and the talks were perfect.  We had a hard time finding clothes to fit Daniel and Ricardo because Daniel is big and Ricardo is small, so we were running all over the place, but white pants just arent super common.  We finally found some clothes and when Daniel showed up at the chapel he announced he had found his own baptismal clothes.... I still dont know how he did it, but he came out with a white button up shirt and white pants!  Ricardo was a little drowned in his clothes, but he was washed clean of his sins just the same. :)  

Ezequiel went to "MTC for a day" and loved it.  He was surprised that in the hours of proselyting some people didnt want to accept his invitation.  He will be a great missionary and will hopefully be able to go in a year.  Super capo.

And Monica!!  Oh I love Monica.  She is a single mother who works odd jobs while she finished high school and tries to support her kids.  She is learning to seek first the kingdom of God, and this week when a job called and asked her to work Sunday she said no!!  She went to church on Sunday and loved it.  We made a trip to the temple with her as well and she loved the peace and powerful spirit.  She is prepareing for her baptism in May.

Another miracle.  After church yesterday we started talking to a member that brought his siblings to church with him.  We had a quick lesson with Nelson, 18, after church and he has been super prepared to receive the fulness of the restored gospel.  He told us when he was 16 he was listening to a lot of music and it didnt make him feel good, what he was listening to.  He looked up the lyrics online and then decided not to listen to that music anymore.  He said since then he has been looking for a change in his life.  His step-brother invited him to church and he accepted.  It was his second time.  He accepted a baptismal date and is now preparing to be baptized in May.

Nanci and her husband, Juan, are planning on getting married!  Nanci went with her daughters to church again and are praying as a family.

We are learning more about faith, obedience, and diligence.  As we give all we have to the Lord He does it all.  He is putting the people in our path and softening the hearts of the people.  I love seeing the Spirit guiding our words and actions.  Hermana Salinas is so great.  I am just happy.

And I love you all with all my heart.  Be strong and wise and humble and just give everything to your callings and serve the Lord with all your might. It is the only way to find what we are looking for.  Thanks for being so great.


Hermana Peterson
                              Hermana Salinas, Ricardo, Daniel, Ezekiel y Hermana Peterson
Ezekiel y Daniel!

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