Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Prophet's Voice

Never have I invited so many people to listen to the living prophet!!  It was a great experience this week to invite everyone to the Conference.  It was interesting because a lot of people stopped long enough for us to explain everything about the conference, when normally it is difficult to stop people in the street.  People like to know that God is still communicating with His children in such a direct way.  And we could feel it in the conference!  We have a real and true living prophet.  That puts a smile on my face. :)

I especially loved the story of the little boy in Buenos Aires who brought a whole family to the capilla abierta.  More miracles in Argentina!  We will be having a capilla abierta in a few weeks so hopefully we can get everyone all excited.  As missionaries we can do a lot, but without the members, we cant do anything.  We have some families in the ward that are sharing the gospel with their friends and the smiles on their faces as they share their experiences makes me so happy because I can see that they are feeling what we get to feel every day as we invite people to come closer to Christ.

We were in charge of the Young Men activity this week at mutual.  First we had everyone write down on a piece of paper where they were in their desire to serve a mission, with one being, "I don't want to go at all," and five being, "I'm super excited to serve the Lord!"  Four of them put five and two put two.  Then we looked at the example of a family of missionaries in the Book of Mormon, starting with Alma, padre.  We then went through Alma, hijo, and his three sons, Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton.  We discussed their situations and how each one of them was eventually able to arrive at number five- "I'm super excited to serve the Lord!" regardless of where they started out.  The Young Men were honest and open with their concerns and hopes and we had a great little lesson.  We closed it out with having everyone think of someone they want to have the gospel.  Once everyone had someone in mind we did practices.  One of the Young Men leaders is a teacher in the CCM so he played the role of the Young Men while each of them played the role of their friend/ family member.  The Spirit was strong and they all committed to invite this person to come closer to Christ.  A few of them picked their dads, others picked their friends.  But everyone picked someone they love, and that is what makes the invitation so important.  And then we ate muffins filled with dulce de leche.

Hermana Passos sent pictures of my birthday surprise cake, made by Alba Veron, an angel that we have in our ward.  She accompanies EVERY time we call her if she isn't working.  She is incredible.  And her sisters and mom and daughter.  It is a beautiful family.  And the cake was delicious!

We have transfers this week, asi que vamos a ver que pasa.  I feel like I might be heading out of Aldo Bonzi, but we wont know until tomorrow night, and then transfers on Wednesday morning.  Come what may, I sure love Ciudad Evita!!

Miguel showed up to church last week in a white shirt and tie and was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood!  We talked with him this week and he said in awe with a smile on his face, "I just still cant believe I have this authority."  Next Sunday he will be passing the sacrament.

I love to hear about your own missionary experiences and Christ-like examples as you shower people with love.  Keep inviting and keep praying.  This is God´s work.  "This is real life" as Elder Holland said when he came to talk to us.  "This is as real life as life can get."  Bringing peace to weary souls.  I love you and am so grateful that Heavenly Father is looking after you.


Hermana Peterson 
My Birthday surprise cake!
The greatly anticipated Nicolo!

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