Monday, June 2, 2014

25 de Mayo

The day of the revolution!  And it was also the ward conference.  It was a big deal in Morón 1 and I loved it!  In church everyone stood and sang the national anthem and it was so lovely!  Salud, Argentina!!!!  Everyone gave their very best this Sunday in the classes and talks and it was uplifting for all.  

Adriana, the miracle that went to church last week, is amazing.  She is very intelligent and loves to read and loves dance and music.  She is progressing well and went to church again yesterday.  Es un amor.  She has a daughter, 17, that is sweet.  Adriana showed up to church yesterday in a skirt and sat in front and participated in the classes and I don't think people realized it was only her second time going to church.  She´s a natural. :)

Daniel brought his family to church again this week.  They are so wonderful.  Monica loves us and we love her and we saw their family almost every day this week. Every time she sees us she says, "Oh, no, hermanas, oh no!"  And gives us a big hug and we all say we love each other.  Hermana Salinas and Monica are always teasing and bickering and then we have super awesome lessons and Monica has stopped smoking and is leading her family in this new path.  She is the mother of ten children, and now she has two more. :)

Nancy and her family are needing some more time to build up their testimonies and understand the baptismal commitment, so Ludmila and Azul weren't baptized this weekend.  But a few more weeks and hopefully they can all be baptized together.

We didn't have transfers, as you can see, so we continue working together in Morón for four more weeks! Wohoo!! Super happy.  I love being a missionary.

This week I started reading the New Testament from the beginning and I am learning so much.  Christ was so firm.  It is like Elder Holland said in his talk this past conference-  Jesus Christ was loving, but that doesn't mean he wasn't firm in proclaiming the truth and the importance of DOING the will of the Father.  There is no sugar-coating.  And so it should be.  We must defend the truth with boldness and love.  It is what we all need to hear and our spirits, if they are humble, can recognize the truth when it is stated clearly.  I love that Christ´s example is perfect.  We can trust in Him with all our souls and not worry that we will be led astray.  If we pray, study, and keep our promises with our Heavenly Father, we will have eternal life.  And it is all thanks to out Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love it.

I love you! Thanks for all your support!

Hermana Peterson

*salud, Argentina!

Ward's a big deal.

25 de Mayo

Foto Zona Castelar
las hermanas de castelar

Adriana. Yep, that's me in a turtleneck.

familia Guinazu

familia Piombo

Monica y Priscila

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