Friday, April 19, 2013



This has been another wonderful week.  I don't know where to begin!  Each day is so full that it feels like multiple days and we are always teaching, which is where we really learn how we are doing.  Mi companera y yo have troubles teaching pretty frequently.  We have had multiple lessons this week where we walk out and go, hmmmm, that didn't go the way we had planned, and that doesn't feel very good.  But we learn so much every time and we're really grateful for this training period where it's definitely okay if we mess up.  It is a hefty challenge to learn how to completely teach by the Spirit, and failing to do so results in a poor lesson.  So we are humbling ourselves and trying once again to fully trust that the Lord will guide us.  The marvelous part is that the Lord knows each of His children perfectly, so even if we don't have a clue what someone needs to hear or do, the Lord always does.  The other cool part is that when we stop worrying about ourselves and completely focus on the people we are teaching, that's when the Lord can really work through us.  It seems simple enough, right?! I am loving this process.  I am learning what it means to fully rely on my Savior and it is beautiful.  I am thinking about and asking questions about things I've never before thought of and I think my spirit is enjoying the feast.  These words I'm writing seem greatly inadequate to describe what I'm experiencing here, but it's the best I can do at the moment. :)

We got knew roommates yesterday!  Our old ones are off the preach the Gospel in Canada and these new ones are headed to Baltimore.  I love getting to meet so many missionaries.  It's quite fun to be standing in line or in the bathroom and to ask everyone where they are going.  The Gospel is being preached everywhere!  And we are ever more grateful to be learning Spanish, that is for sure.  So many crazy languages. Paul, I met some Finnish missionaries and that was fun.

Thanks for all the letters and birthday love! My goodness, what an incredible birthday I had here.  SO MUCH LOVE!  Really, thank you all, it was special.  Amy, Kristi, and Madi, those cookies are now all eaten.  I tried to share but I think only one person took a cookie, so the rest were consumed joyfully by me (no, not in one sitting).  I have the best friends and family.

My teachers are Hermana Banfield and Hermano Usevitch and they are such amazing teachers.  They set an example of teaching as the Lord directs so well and we feel the Spirit in every lesson, in every moment.  And our District is doing well right now with studying seriously and still having fun. My District sure loves to have fun.  I feel quite blessed to be with them.  There is always some funny drawing on the board and usually someone i telling a ridiculous story about who-knows-what and we laugh so much and it feels so good.  Hermana Dahl still cracks me up every day.  It's cool to study so intensely and then three minutes later be laughing really hard.  There is just a lot of goodness that goes on here.  We are happy.

My time is up! But hopefully I will get some more letters out today.  I'm excited to go to the temple today.  And eat more of the delicious bread Paul sent me because he is fabulous and gracious.  It is going to be a great day.  I know I'm forgetting to tell you all things I meant to tell you, I'll probably start making lists before I write so that doesn't happen. Anyways, I love you all so much. Thanks for all the thoughtful little notes of love and encouragement, they work. :)  Keep following the example of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  He loves you and He really will lead you by the hand,

All my love,

Hermana Peterson

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