Thursday, April 25, 2013


Pues pues, pues, que tenemos aqui? This is a Spanglish phrase that one of our teachers told us and we like it a lot.  She said it's one her District came up with when she was in el CCM.  We've come up with some good ones ourselves, too.  Are we supuesto do that? Que en el mundo. Estas kidding me? Nuncamente.  And then Elder Wilhelm , at least once a day says, "Yo quiero llorar," with a thick castellano accent where ever it fits.  And at least ten times every day Elder Agle yells, "Castellano!"  Elder Agle and Elder Hellstern are going to Argentina as well and like to practice the "sh" as much as they can.  We have the craziest group in the MTC, I'm pretty sure.  It is always a party, even sometimes when maybe it isn't supuesto be. :)
Can you believe I've been a missionary for a full month?!!  Time is so strange here. Everyone describes it as the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. It is the truth.  So long and yet so short at the same time.  But every day is so full of learning and stretching!  I love it.
My new companera, Hna Tibbitts, is wonderful.  We are working well together and I'm opening up more.  She is so loving and fun.  She hasn't gotten her Peru visa yet, and we're all keeping our fingers crossed that it won't come until the end of our six weeks.  Oh! Exciting news.  I will likely get a reassignment because Argentina visas are backed up, which means I get to call you and tell you where I'm going!!! I will probably find out at the end of this week or beginning of next, so pick up your phone. :) Also, maybe email me your number just in case I forgot it.
TRC was awesome yesterday.  I love getting to have lessons with people who aren't my teacher or fellow missionary.  We had an awesome experience with our TRC volunteer and afterwards I was so happy and it made me so excited for when I am out of the MTC and teaching and meeting real people all the time.  I know the happiness is going to be incredible.  
Give Grandma Joycie a good squeeze from me and tell her I love her.  Heidi, I absolutely loved your letter.  I reread it over and over.  Thanks for everyone's love and prayers!  We definitely feel the prayers.
Me caen muy bien.
Hermana Peterson
p.s. I will be able to write a little more later today so stay tuned.

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