Friday, April 19, 2013


So prepare yourselves!!

Dear family,

I absolutely love the MTC.  This has been the most eventful week of my life.  The Spirit is so strong here!!!

I arrived and was shown to my classroom where I met my Distrito and companera.  My companion's name was (I'll explain this in a second) Hermana Hicken and we got along right from the start.  She is from Logan, Utah and she came ready to WORK!  She had only taken about two years of Spanish but you wouldn't have known it by how eager she was to use all she knew.  The second day a Brother was observing our class and at the end he had me and mi companera step outside with him.  He said he wanted to have us evaluated for an Intermediate class instead.  We were evaluated (I was so nervous and sweaty and I felt like I failed) but he said he would recommend me for the Intermediate class, but not Hermana Hicken.  We were sad.  It is crazy how fast we form strong bonds here.  I already loved the District.  So right after we taught our investigator, "Jorge," they called me down and gave me a new room, companion, and district.  Can you believe we taught a lesson the second day we were here all in Spanish?!! That's pretty cool, because no way could I have done that before coming into the MTC.

My new District, an Intermediate Spanish class, is also quite wonderful.  My new companera is Hermana Dahl and she is hilarious.  She makes us laugh all the time.  She comes up with the most original ways to express herself and they are always so funny.  One of my favorites was when she was telling us she needed to shave her legs and she said. "I could seriously cut a steak with my legs right now."  I laughed good and hard.  We work really well together.  Our first full day together she memorized the First Vision in Spanish.  She is so eager to learn Spanish and we are good about H.S.I- Habla Su Idioma.  We say as much as we can in Spanish, so basically we speak Spanglish, and it's fun.  She is from Montana and she loves being outside.  She's a snowboarder and in the past was a gymnast and get this- power lifter.  I love her.  We are teaching "Antonio" right now and we are learning so much together.  We've had about five lessons with him so far and some of them have been great and the Spirit has been there the whole time, but two days ago we gave one lesson and it was not so good.  We taught the lesson, but not the person.  So we learned a lot from that and our lesson yesterday was much better.  I can't believe how quickly we learn here.  The Lord helps us so much.  We always pray, testify, teach, and usually have class in all Spanish.  It is nice to have someone to learn with.  No matter where I am I can turn to her and ask her how to say something, or practice saying something, or discuss some principle.  It's the best!

I saw Maya multiple times before she left this week, and she was actually my Host Missionary when I first came in! So she got to take me to my room and that was such a fun blessing.  And she's off to Cape Verde!  I also ran into Paul once, which was fun as I gave him a big hug and all the missionaries around looked shocked.  I've been surprised how many people I know here from school.  It's nice to run into people I know all the time.

We are doing well.  My companion and I are happy every day and we are excited to do the Lord's work.  My teacher is AMAZING and I've never been in lessons like the ones she gives before.  She served in Peru and I love her accent.  I love it here!  The Spirit is so powerful and as a representative of Jesus Christ I feel His power and love like never before.  I am learning so much more about Him and His Gospel.  

I will try to send some pictures, of my first companion and my current Distrito.  I love them all.

I'm so glad to hear from you all. Thanks for the pictures, Papi. I loved them.  You are all looking fabulous, as usual.  My mailbox here at the MTC has changed to #219 so if you could change that on the blog that would be great! My projected leaving date is May 6.  Use DearElder- we love those!

Thank for all the birthday wishes, it's only 7:30AM and it's already been a great one.  Unfortunately I already have to go, but I love you all so much! Thanks for all the prayers and love- I can definitely feel them!

Be well,

Hermana Peterson

The first is my fist group. Second new district. Third, Hermana Dahl stricking a pose!

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