Thursday, July 11, 2013

Acknowledge Your Faith


We are teaching this adorable woman.  She looked into the Church about nine years ago but nothing became of it, and then she saw us (but before I was here, so actually just hermanas Gonzalez and Ramirez) on the street and yelled out. "Hey! Do you remember me?!"  And she came to Church yesterday and took notes and loved it.  She still had the same Libro de Mormon she was given nine years ago and she reads and marks it all up, writing notes on the verses she likes.  She told us in the first lesson that she knows it is true.  She brought her her little daughter to Church as well and she is so cute!  The kids in this ward are so cute. They are all so excited to learn about the Gospel.  And I love listening to little kids speak Spanish. Ah! So great.  Anyways, we are excited to teach this woman and her family.  She is an excellent mother, we could tell just from being in her home for an hour.  She treats her kids with such love and care.  So many examples of Christ-like people.

We are learning a lot about charity and the Spirit.  We met our new mission president!  President and Sister Woodbury- We love them!  They are called of God.  He talked to us about having our faith overcome our fears and how important it is to have charity.  It was perfect timing for our companionship and we are working hard to feed our faith and pray for charity.  It is helping us have the Spirit more.  We've been studying the talk by Elder Holland, "Lord, I Believe" and it i having a powerful effect.  When we change our attitudes and only let ourselves first acknowledge the faith we do have, and then ask the Lord to help us with what we lack, it makes such a difference.  You can feel the difference between, "I just don't have enough faith for this.  I feel like my faith is so small and weak and inadequate," and "Okay, I know I have faith in Jesus Christ.  This is hard but I know I believe.  Will you please help me?"  It's all in the attitude.  We cannot afford to let ourselves despair.  It is so simple and yet it makes such a huge difference (like most principles of the Gospel). With Christ, all things are possible, so why not this?  He has already suffered it all, and our personal experiences are no exception.  He is there, just waiting to give us the hug we need, right when we need it.  I love Jesus Christ so much. I am learning more about what His Atonement means for me and the people we teach.  His power is real.

We are so lucky to have a living prophet and 12 apostles.  We are lucky.

I love you and I miss you and I'm happy to have you as my eternal family.  You are all so beautiful. :)  I've been told I'm cheesy here. It's not true, right? jajaja.

con amor,

Hermana Peterson

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