Monday, July 22, 2013

aqui estoy!

We made it!!

What a long flight it was! We have been going and going today, getting visas worked out and having some training from the assistants.  We have already gotten to eat some delicious argentine foods and it is just amazing here.  There are eight of us that came on the same plane and we are all so excited to be here, each with our own unique but also very similar experiences with reassignments.  The plane ride was a blast as we all got to talk about what we've learned so far and all the different experiences we had in our different missions. We've briefly met President and Sister Carter and we will spend a lot of time with them tomorrow.  We will all meet our new companions tomorrow and head out to our new areas!

I feel so much excitement and I am ready to go!  The Spanish is different but I already love it and I'm excited to jump in and be immersed in this beautiful land! 


It deserves a little dance.  Maybe make it a tango.

The work is progressing here and President has created an excellent vision for the mission.  Each mission and president is different and this is no exception, and I feel so blessed to have so many mission presidents already, from whom I can draw new things and learn to be better.  Obedience is always a common theme.  

This week will bring many new experiences and lessons and new people to meet and teach and love!!!  I am quite feliz.

Know that I arrived safely and I love you so much!

Thanks for the prayers, as always.  I feel them. :)


hermana Peterson  (the one in Argentina!!)

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