Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aldo Bonzi
La mision Argentina Buenos Aires Oeste es el mejor mision de todo el mundo!
I'm in Aldo Bonzi and the area just split with the arrival of my group.  I'm with la hermana Henao de Colombia!!  No, she doesn't know Andrea. :)  She is muy chiquita and adorable and 23 and a hard worker and she doesn't speak English. We do pretty well together.  She is also pretty new to the mission so we are learning together and it is a lot of fun.  I'm learning from her example and it has been great to not have the option of speaking English.  Sometimes I still do, because it is a goal for every missionary who doesn't already speak english to learn it on their mission.  The Argentine accent is different and I'm slowly getting used to it and I even find myself saying, ¿Esta ashi?  It surprises me.  The other day, being yesterday, after I shared my testimony in Church, a member told hermana Henoa that I speak better Castellano than she does.  Chistes.  But there are people here from all over South America and I love all the different accents.  The Argentine Castellano is so fun to listen to, with so much expression and animation.  It's great!
The milanesa is delicious- it is eaten a lot here and it it thin, breaded, fried meat.  The food here has been delicious, pastas, meat, potatoes, and more pasta, meat, and potatoes.  And LOTS and LOTS of sugar.  Dulce de leche everywhere.  Delicious pastries, called facturas.  Dad, guess what people drink here?  Roma!  They make it with milk and several spoonfuls of sugar and it is yummy.  Paul, I think of you in Finland as I drink my drinkable yogurt everyday.  And milk out of a bag.  It's good!
Everything is different here and I feel like I'm starting from ground zero again.  The culture, the people, the religious views, the food, the schedule, the mindset- everything is new and so we adjust.  It has been so fun to just watch people, to just look around.  Since the area split and most of the investigators live on the other side we are in a way starting over with finding people to teach as well, so everything is new!!  We had miracles this week and found some wonderful new people and we have high hopes for this area.  The ward members are wonderful.  Everything is wonderful.  President and Hermana Carter and wonderful.  I am so happy to be here and I feel God supporting me and this work every step of the way. I'm all out of time, but I love you all so much and I love to hear your news and I appreciate your support.  You are the best.
All my love and many besitos,
hermana Peterson

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