Monday, July 15, 2013

He's bringing them to us!

And we love it!  So many little miracles this week.  

The English ward held a free car wash this week and we got to help!  We stood out on the corner where the church is with signs, yelling, "Free car wash!" It was so hot.  Lots of people came and then while their car was being washed we gave them a tour of the church.  At first I was thinking, well, this might be weird.  Oh me of little faith!  When people are in the Church where the Spirit dwells, they can feel it and they like it.  There is power in holy places.

We got to give a tour to this man named Marcelus. As soon as we walked into the chapel he said, excitedly, "Now this is nice!"  Which when you think about it, yes, our chapels are nice, but they are not extremely beautiful or elegant- they are simple.  But the Spirit is there, and our spirits recognize that and they love it.  We went around the Church, stopping at each picture and talking about the Gospel.  We showed him the baptismal font, the Relief Society room, talked about the Book of Mormon and the priesthood.  He soaked it all up with a smile on his face.  At the end of the tour we gave him a Book of Mormon and he gave us (well, the English elders) his contact information.  I asked him how he felt and he said, "I just really like this vibe."  Well I really like this vibe, too.

Just about every church tour given that day went in a similar manner.

A woman in our ward had to go into the hospital this week and we got to visit her a few times.  She is so strong and she has beautiful faith. We sang her some hymns and shared a little message and hermana Ramirez gave her a foot massage (and she is a massage therapist, so it was really good).  Before we left she thanked us and told us some of the loveliest compliments any of us had received.  She told hermana Ramirez she had the hands of an angel, me the voice of an angel, and hermana Gonzalez the words of an angel.  We went to help lift her spirits and she actually did that for us!  Service is always one of the greatest ways to lift and be lifted. (She is doing much better and even made it to Church yesterday, just so you can all rest easy!)

We had a day this week where you wouldn't believe the crazy things that happened and we only made it to one appointment.  But the Lord is mindful of us and He knew we were doing our very best. So we showed up to our one appointment for the day and guess what?  The member we were visiting had her friend over and we taught her about the Book of Mormon and we'll have a lesson with her and her family this week!  There were just so many little moments like that this week where the Lord was telling us so clearly, "I love you.  I'm helping you do this.  Just trust me and keep looking forward."  So we do. :)

I felt so strongly this week just how much the Lord is doing for us.  He gives us the strength, the ability, the charity, the desire to obey and to give our all to Him.  He truly is sending us His angels to bear us up.

Thanks for all the emails and love and prayers. Jonah, I got your letter and I love it!  Thanks.  You're all beautiful.  The Church is true.  Jesus Christ is our Redeemer.  I love you!

Hermana Peterson


  1. Hi I just added you to my blog roll of "booggonaries!" I love this post...keep up the great work!