Saturday, December 7, 2013

Diciembre ya?

Mother, I received your card!  I loved reading your wise thoughts and it made me very happy. Thanks.

We had another week of miracles.  

We were knocking doors on Tuesday night and a woman opened the window. We told her we were representatives of Jesus Christ and had something important to give her and her family.  She quickly said no, that she was taking care of her paralyzed brother and didnt have time, but we promised her this was what she needed and she shut the window.  We didnt know if that meant she was coming to the door or no, so we waited a moment and we heard the key in the door.  She opened and told us to enter.  We stepped into her house to see two teenage girls sitting on the stairs .  She told us to enter the kitchen, so we did and there were four boys, all on laptops.  We asked how many kids she had and she told us- eight.  I was trying to think how we could invite everyone to listen when everyone shut their laptops and came into the kitchen and sat around the table, attentive and quiet.  Well that worked out nicely!!  The youngest is 12, then there are twin boys, 14, and the others are 18, 19, 21,23, 25, and one more whose age I dont know.  We asked what their favorite thing about their family is and they said, the love.  We shared some of the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to be baptized and everyone said yes.  As we were leaving the mom told uis we arrived in the perfect moment for her family.  We left their home with tears of gratitud for how wonderful is our God.

But the story doesnt end there!  We went back every day and guess what? They were never home or never answered the door.  Major disappointment.  But we knew this family was prepared by the Lord and that we had to exercise faith.  We left a note explaining how to get to the church and prayed and fasted.  Halfway through the first hour of church someone called us out into the hall and told us we had two investigators that were sitting in the sacrament meeting of the other ward that was about to start!  There sat Micaela (19) with her boyfriend.  We were so happy to see them.  They stayed all three hours and felt great.  We have high hopes for this family.

The Lord led us to other prepared people this week and blessed us abundantly.  We feel a lot of love.  It doesnt come without trial, but that is why we are here, living on this beautiful earth.  To be tried.  And alone we fail, but with Christ we succeed. De diez!  

I love you all and pray for your progress.  Thanks for all you do and are.

Can you believe it is already December?  Christmas!!

Hermana Peterson

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  1. Thinking of you sweet girl and sending you love!!!! Walt and Donna