Monday, December 16, 2013

Felices Fiestas

We had a lovely Christmas Dinner in the ward this week and we were pleased to have four investigators there!  We ate the most delicious chicken.  The fiestas are quite grand.  It is the season of food and family and love and laughter!  It is all happy.
We are finding more people to teach all the time.  The Lord is preparing people everywhere to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This week we had a great experience with a woman named Alejandra.  She is a single mom that has recently passed through some unfortunate events.  Her sister was recently baptized in another province and she was curious about what made her change.  She had to stop smoking and change her life around.  Alejandra is very receptive to the Spirit.  She needs a lot of peace.  She is nervous a lot of the time, feels anxious.  Her son is twelve and she has raised him so well.  She is looking for a new apartment and we are trying to help her find one close to the chapel. :)  The day we found her she told us she had just asked her boss if she could change her schedule to have Sundays free, and this week she told us that starting in January it will be so!  Blessings.  She wants to have a new life and she wants all the blessings the Lord has to offer.  New year, new life. ¿Por qué no?
I love Justa so much.  We will be together in el reino celestial.  She has the most wonderful sense of humor and we laugh and laugh.  She accompanies us for hours each weeks making visits and we walk from one end of Tablada to the next.  What a trooper.  I love her.
It is getting incredibly hot here. We sweat a lot. jaja.  Apparently this is just the beginning, so buckle down and get comfy.  The summer is coming.
I am so excited to talk to you and tell you I love you.  I hope all are well.  We had a powerful zone conference this week and learned more about light and darkness and the work of salvation.  Hermana Carter showed us an awesome video of a photographer that takes pictures of two strangers in the street in poses that show love and we compared it to how we can help the members and investigators work together.  Its awesome, you should look it up.  The project is called Touching Strangers, maybe you've seen it already.  We can love people in an instant, but we might have to do something out of our comfort zone to get there.  I love you!!
Hermana Peterson

President told me recently that on Wednesday I will be leaving Aldo Bonzi and opening a new area in Ciudad Evita, and training a new Brazilian sister straight from the CCM!! Whooweeee.  So, what this means is that when I talk with you on Christmas all will be new!  I also couldnt set a time with a member to use their computer, so Im just going to set the time with you and figure it out with the member later. :)  There shouldn't be any problem. Its one of the wealthiest areas of the mission so I think there will be plenty of houses with internet and the members love it when sisters come to their wards.  jaja. 
 President told me that this ward has only had one baptism in the whole year of 2013.  There are two elders there so we will be four missionaries.  He said the bishop is determined to turn his ward into a missionary ward through the missionaries.  If you have any suggestions, Ill take them. :)  I am excited and sad to leave Aldo Bonzi. ITs been good to me.  My tummy feels all nervous inside but at the same time I have peace. I'm excited to talk to all of in a few short days!! Thanks for everything. I love you!!

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