Monday, December 9, 2013

Luz y Oscuridad

It is what has been on my mind as of late.  I read a talk by Presidente Uchtdorf this morning where he shared a story of a girl who grew up being abused and she learned how to stop feeling because the darkness was so great.  When she turned 18 she found the Restored Gospel, was baptized, and began a life of light.  As time went by she battled with her past.  Eventually she learned that she had to accept that darkness exists, but not to dwell there.  She chose to dwell in the light.  

Where did she find the strength to leave the darkness?  How did she change her future to be so drastically different from the lives of her parents?  How did her spirit fight to be heard, to melt her wounded heart, and let the light in?  Her spirit is obviously quite valiant.  And once our spirits know what it feels like to live in the light, miracles ensue.  Light is so powerful! It is infinitely more powerful than darkness.  It is the power of Jesus Christ.  And we have to hold that light up high, for all to see and feel and enjoy!  I think of Heidi´s face as she sits in the sun on a lovely summer day.  She LOVES it. It is what gives her life.  And so it is with our spirits and the light of Christ.  The darkness doesnt hold a candle to the Light. ;)

Vimos muchos milagros esta semana.  Mucha luz en lugares de oscuridad.  

Dad, your letter this week was right on the button.  And you asked to know more of the struggle, so I will share some with you.  God leads us to many of His prepared children.  They are discouraged and lonely and confused and broken.  They are also incredibley wise and strong and intelligent and full of love for family.  They let us in and our hearts are so full of gratitude and love and light.  We see them as beautiful, important children of a loving Heavenly Father.  We do everything in our power to help them understand the magnitude of what we are sharing.  We leave, praying that they will find the strength within themselves to leave the darkness and step into the light.  To leave the sadness, sin, substance-abuse, confusion, bitterness, guilt, fear- and receive the best gift that our Father has to offer us- eternal life.  We pray and pray, but so many times people choose to stay where they are.  It is heart-breaking every time.  But we never lose hope because Jesus Christ lives, and He is our Savior.  People need to hear the truth a good number of times before they are willing to accept it and act upon it, in most instances.  And every day there is more and more light in this beautiful world that God created. 

We are all needed in the work of salvation.  What a wonderful season to be talking about Christ with everyone.  Diciembre es un mes de milagros!  Tenemos una cena navideña en el barrio este viernes y estamos muy animados.  Oh, la Navidad. *carita feliz*

I love you all so very much!! Un besito!

Hermana Peterson

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