Monday, March 31, 2014

So Happy!

 Lidia was baptized and it was all so happy!  Her nephew baptized her and they have a special relationship.  He went to live with her while he was studying and they would read the Book of Mormon together and became very close.  The mother of Lidia, the famous Hermana Gajón, was pioneer in the church here and the members of our ward share stories of when she was their Primary President, and how she helped them learn through her Christ-like example and incredible faith.  So there were angels rejoicing as the Tía Lidia walked into the water to make this sacred covenant with Heavenly Father that she will follow Jesus Christ para siempre.  Familia Herrera bought her the dress as a gift because she is already preparing to enter the temple to be sealed to her husband.  Lidia is a warrior.  Her spirit is so strong.  And her prayers are honest and make me so happy!  It was a beautiful moment.

This week was difficult because we were looking for lots of new families to teach without any luck.  Then on Saturday, miracles arrived.  We found Gisela, a young mother, who received us warmly.  Her husband is in jail right on now and she is raising two little boys, one tiene 5años y el otro un año y medio.  We invited her to to go to church and she said she would love to but wouldn't be able to.  As we tried to find a solution to help her go, it seemed impossible.  She really needed to leave that night to be able to run important errands that couldn't be postponed.  And then a million things ran through my head all at once. Somos misioneros que luchan por milagros. ! Nefi 3:7. Estamos orando cada día de esta semana para encontrar familias que puedan ir a la iglesia ESTE domingo.  Dios sabe la solución.  And then there it was- the solution!  The minute the idea came out of my mouth Gisela agreed and said she would be in the church the next day.  It was such a small moment but it was a testimony to me that God always fulfills His promises and knows each one of His children.

Gisela is special and I think she wants what the Jesus Christ has to offer her.  And we also had a woman named Delia in church yesterday.  She reminds me of Gillian Jones and that makes me happy.  She made friends right away with a woman in the ward and enjoyed very much the sacrament meeting.

We had lots and lots and lots of miracles in this month of March.  My testimony is growing and I can see every day how God is trying with all His might to reach out to His children.  We are just so stubborn sometimes.  The power of God cannot be denied.  I feel it as I hear the wind rustling the leaves of the trees. Isn't that one of the best sounds on earth?  I love it.  

President wrote us this week about consistency and I was very happy because it is what we need right now.  He is an awesome president.

AND GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!  We have big plans for that.  Come and listen to a profet`s voice!!  Oh how embarrassing.  Prophet.  I meant prophet.  There are probably lots of words that I spell wrong now, huh?  Ah well.  At least I can still speak my native tongue.  Hermana Passos struggles with that, so I count my many blessings.  :)

I love you all so very much. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. :)  Hermana Passos is going to buy us a kilo of Nicolo ice cream, which is the BEST and we walk past it every day and have never bought it.  So don't worry, I am well taken care of. jaja.

Love and hugs,

Hermana Peterson
One year in the mission!

Lidia on her baptism day

Hermana Passos, Hermana Peterson, Lidia y Clori

one happy day

matching pj's from home

We are twinners every night

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