Monday, June 16, 2014

capilla abierta

Where to begin.  Nancy and her family stopped going to church a few weeks ago, but said they were still going to follow through with their plans to get married... and they did!  So we went to their marriage and it was quite different from all the weddings I've been to in the past.  So they are being obedient to one commandment more now and God will bless them for that.  Hopefully soon they will decide to continue learning about Jesus Christ and find more peace in their lives.

We had a capilla abierta this weekend and it was great!  The whole district came to our chapel and we all worked together with the ward to present the chapel to the public.  People always say they are curious about our church but have never entered, so opportunities like this are excellent. Afterwards Marianela, a woman the Elders have been teaching, was baptized.  It was a lovely day.

Familia GuiƱazu is the best family ever (not counting all of you, of course).  They are learning and loving it.  We love teaching them and they love soaking it all in.  They continue praying every day as a family.  It makes me think, "If they can do it, so can every family in the Church!"  The blessings that come are incredible.  Natalia, the daughter that is 22, has started listening in more and we asked her if she thought all we taught was true.  She told us she´s been praying to know and when she sees the change in her family, she can't help but believe that it really is true.  The changes are undeniable.  There is unity and peace and love and excitement.  

We have transfers this week! Eeeee!  Vamos a ver que pasa.  I´ll keep ya updated. :)  Next Monday, of course.

I love you all and pray you are well!!  Keep living life to the fullest and sharin the joy with all you encounter!


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