Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We have a calendar of Junio that we mark every day and write the miracle of the day.  We Hermanas like to draw doodles and make it all pretty, too.  This week almost every day, the miralce has to do with familia Guiñazu.  They are too incredible!  They receive the gospel with so much love and faith.  Thiago is an angel and when we ask questions his answers are so sweet and tender.  The Hermana has another daughter from her first marriage, Natalia.  She is twenty-two and studying dietetics.  She is reading the Book of Mormon but hasn't gone to church yet.  She is taking her time to feel things out, but it's also because they have a kiosko and she is the one that attends to the customers while the rest of the family is in church.  So this week we will focus on Natalia and try to help her gain this same testimony that the rest of the family is gaining.  

The ward is super excited for this family as well.  The ward is eager to help and the bishop focuses heavily on retention.  All the organizations are working to help the new members feel involved and befriended.  Morón es la tierra prometida, en serio.

We are reading all the General Conference talks as a mission and I love it.  Today we read the one that talks about how trees that grow in places with lots of wind grow their roots deeper and the tree becomes stronger.  God made us, His children, with the ability to withstand the winds of mortal life.  As we seek nourishment in the face of trial we grow stronger.  

Something else I'm learning is the importance of defending the truth.  Christ always defended the truth.  What He said was not popular, but it was right.  As messengers of the truth we must always declare what is right, and do it with love and power and faith.  Then the miracles come and hearts are softened and people make covenants with God.  I love covenants with God.

We are happy and hopeful.  I love you all and pray for you every day.
la zona de castelar!  Vamos Argentina!

my companion, cut in half for some reason

The zone again

we're cute

we love Argentina

an action shot...jaja...I have no idea why it copied this way, but there you go!

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