Friday, July 18, 2014

Keep Calm and Love Argentina

I am so happy!!!!!!!

I loved going to Saladillo (in the dictionary it says that saladillo means "salty peanut" so that made me like it even more).  All of the little pueblos here are basically like Granville but in castellano.  It´s pretty great.  I was working with Hermana Ancheta, from Honduras.  She is a scripture master and I want to be more like her.  We met some great people and I loved it.  We watched the game with a member family and it was one of the greatest Argentine experiences of my life.  Definitely worth giving up part of our P-day.  Everyone gasping and cheering and crying.  One of the girls had her face all painted and then cried at the end when Argentina won, her tears falling down blue and white.  It was priceless.  My camera card has a virus right now and I have to get it fixed, otherwise you would have pictures.

Then I came back to beloved Bragado.

We won't talk about the match yesterday.  We weren't watching, just listening to the shouts of agony that could be heard in our apartment complex.  Que triste.

We had wonderful experiences this week.  Firstly, David y Cecilia, the young couple that will be getting married and baptized this weekend.  They are so righteous and excited and worthy that it makes me want to cry.  Their goal is the temple and they will never forget it.  We reviewed DyC 20:37 and when we asked why they wanted to be baptized their answers were perfect, and they said them with conviction.  Cecilia because she wants to belong to the true church of Jesus Christ, and she wants to follow Him.  She wants to be cleansed from her sins and begin a new life.  David said that the sin of not living the law of chastity weighs heavily on his soul and he just cant wait to be freed from that burden.  The happiness we feel as we teach them and see them grow cannot be put adequately into words.  This Friday and Saturday will be some of the best days of my life so far. They are getting married!!! And then they are getting baptized!!!  And it will be so happy!!! :)

We also had an incredible moment with Romina.  She is 24 and a few years ago her son, who was 3, passed away.  He had a bad fall, hit his head, was in the hospital for about two weeks, and then passed away.  She had been fir in her church before, but after that terrible experience she felt lost and stopped going to church.  This week we were able to share the Plan with her and read her the words of the prophets that say that all little children who die before the age of accountability are saved in the kingdom of God.  We cried together as we rejoiced in the glorious plan that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us.  She is now determined to be prepared to return to live with her son and with Heavenly Father.  She is preparing for baptism.

I feel so blessed.  This work is the best work there is. :)  

I love you all.  Hugs and kisses.

Hermana Peterson
la zona de chivilcoy sur:))

This was from the leadership meeting a few weeks ago


la zona con presidente

mi companerita y yo

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