Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let the games begin

We get to watch the match this Wednesday!!  We are so excited!!  Everyone is super pumped and Argentina is going to win!  So that will be fun.  If only the world had the same ├ínimo for the gospel as they have for futbol...  :)

President Robertson.  We went to Ramos on Friday and presented all the zones and talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the mission right now.  We all fell in love with the familia Robertson right away.  They are so full of love.  They are ready to help us keep growing and learning.  Our zone will get to meet them this Friday and we´ll all have a short interview with him.  He has been called of God and will follow the divine guidance he will receive in bringing more souls to Christ.

It rained a cold rain this week and on bici that is not so fun!  I didn't think there was a downside to bicis, but this week I found out there is one- the wind and rain and cold feels a whole lot more windy and rainy and coldy!  So we parked the bikes for a day and I put my walking feet back on.

We were walking, on the way to a member´s house, when I looked up and asked, "Hermana, ha tocado aquella puerta?"  She said no, so we went to see who lived there.  A woman opened the door and let us in.  We talked with her and her daughter, Romina, 25.  Romina listened as we shared the story of the Restoration.  She said she had always wondered why there are so many churches if there is only one God.  She felt the Spirit as we testified that this was the true church, that Christ had restored all the truth in one gospel, where all the children of God can find what they are looking for to live as He would have us live.  She is excited to attend church and pray to ask God if it really is true.  

We had another similar experience this week with a reference from a member, Eliana.  We talked about how the church was when Christ was here, the organization with a prophet, 12 apostles, priesthood, revelation. As we told about Joseph Smith´s experience she smiled and said, "I've studied about religion, and I know that if there is a true church, it would have to be organized in the same way that Christ organized it."

I love it when the Spirit talks to peoples hearts and tells them that what they are hearing is true.  That is when they begin to believe.  That is when they begin to desire the blessings.  And that is when God can work miracles in their lives.  It is beautiful.

I LOVED all the pictures you all sent this week.  What a gorgeous family I have.  I'm glad you're all happy and celebrating.  Hugs all around!

I will be on a division this week in Saladillo, if all goes as planned, so I will tell you all about it next week.  

Un beso grande,

Hermana Peterson

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