Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aldo de Tigre

¡Aldo y Patricia se casaron y se bautizaron!!  After almost three years of waiting the day finally arrived!  Patricia said she was hardly sleeping for days before because she was so excited.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the wedding because we had a Leadership Meeting in Ramos with President Carter, and it is a bit of a trip.  But the Branch did everything for them and they were all smiles.  The baptism was on Sunday because the first missionary that taught Patricia came from capital to baptize her. ¡Qué tierno!  It was special.

The meeting with President was awesome.  We will miss them so much.  They both gave their whole souls to this work.  I'm sure the Lord is pleased.  And now we get to meet and love and learn from la familia Robertson!!  They came with three of their kids, ages 17, 15, and 9, I think.  We are super excited to meet them.  We get to go back to Ramos this Wednesday.  We received the first Sol (the mission newsletter) from our new President this morning and just from reading it I can tell he will lead us in the ways of the Lord.

The Lord led us to some great people this week.  I love working with Hermana Millet.  She is so diligent and patient.  We are learning a lot together and I feel like we just work so smoothly together.  I am trying to learn the streets of Bragado but it is super hard for me on bici.  I'm so accustomed to being in the city where we walk and take colectivos and the streets are always marked and there are always a million people around that you can ask for directions.  Not so aquí. :)  So I'm trying to be more observant, paying attention to the big tree and the field and the yellow house and the pink kiosko, etc.  Me cuesta demasiado. jaja.  But I like it.  I love Bragado.

Cecilia y David are progressing so well.  They went to church again this Sunday and are anxiously planning for the future.  They were saying how they always eat gnocci the 29th and I began to say how I had heard that it was a tradition here but that in all my time in Argentina I had never eaten gnocci on the 29th.  Well a comment like that will get you an invitation, even though it was not my intention!  So we ate gnocci on the 29th, with 2 pesos under the plate, for luck.  It was lovely.  They are lovely.

I can't believe the letter got there so fast! Now I feel bad I haven't written more.  Consequences of technology.  Fewer hand-written letters.  But faster responses!  I like it.

Well mi querida familia, the time is passing all too fast and I love every day. It makes me smile SO BIG when I read of your happy tales, and I always love the photos.  Be well!


Hermana Peterson
Cecilia y Jazmin

We all completed 15 meses el viernes...viejitas

This isn't Burger King

Mission office photos

Aldo y Patricia:) dos angeles

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