Monday, July 21, 2014

Marriage and Baptism

or the week of many pictures!
This week was wonderful.

As almost always, the week before baptism is full of challenges, and such was the case this week.  We taught about the priesthood in more detail to help prepare David.  He got all quiet and then angry and said that if anyone gave him a calling he wouldn't go to church anymore because he just wanted peace and just wanted to keep being like they are.  When we entered their house that day David was singing and listening to music, and when we left he was almost crying.  That is not how you want to leave a lesson!  So we prayed a lot and had another lesson the next day and he was normal again and said, "I don't know what happened to me yesterday."  Well, okay.  

Cecilia is super excited to learn everything there is to know and is reading everything she can get her hands on.  So we called on Thursday to see how she was doing and she was crying.  "I don't know if we´re getting married tomorrow," she told us.  We rushed over with her member friend, Romina, and she was crying in her bedroom.  We asked David what happened and he said, "I don't know, ask her.  I'm getting married tomorrow.  What's the big deal?"  Oh my goodness.  So Cecilia was excited and wanted David to be as excited, so it hurt her feelings and then David was all, "I just want to be an eternal family, but that can't happen for another year. That´s what I'm excited for."  Oh my goodness.  jaja.  

And then Friday came... And everything was perfect!!  David and Cecilia were so happy, all smiles.  Their families came and then we had a lovely lunch in the chapel.  It was so happy.

And then Saturday came...  And it was all perfect again!  They are SO HAPPY!  And we love them so much.  We sang and it was evident I hadn't sung in front of people for a while because I was shaking the whole time.  But they liked the song, so that was good.

And then Sunday came, and they were still so happy.  Feliz Dís del Amigo!  They gave us adorable friend mugs and a letter and chocolate.  They are perfect.  

They always talk about how Hna Morales came to get them married, then Hna Millet showed up to get them baptized, and then I showed up.  David was trying to figure out what my mission was and then he found it-  to add to the family. jaja!  One day I said that Jazmín needed a little brother and then it became a joke.  And the day they got married David said, "Hermana Peterson, I think your mission will be in process before you go home." jaja!!  so we´re thinking of names.... :)

I want to send more pictures, so that´s all for this week.  The Church is true! I love you all!!

Hermana Peterson
Setting the scene

David y Cecilia

they are so CUTE! en el registro civil


jazmin putting on the rings


con las misionaras

los anillos

Sole y Maxi (David's sister and nephew)

cute party favors

David wrote this...

I loved this moment

flia Lopez y flia Martinez

happy friend day

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