Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I loved this week:)

I went to 9 de Julio this week with Hna Morales and Hna Redford and we had a great time. They are in a trio right now so their other companion, Hna Hale, was with my compaƱera in Bragado.  9 de Julio is an adorable town and the people are delightful.  We taught families and learned more about how to teach to the needs of the people and got to know one another, and I loved it.

God blessed us with amazing people this week.  We were looking for a reference from a member and the direction was strange, so we strated knocking doors and asking people.  We finally found what we though was it, knocked, and a woman answered.  She told us that it wasnt the house of the referral but that she was his sister. He was in the hospital because their other sister suffers from depression and had taken a bad turn.  We invited her to church and she was receptive.  We ended up entering and having a wonderful lesson with her.  Her name is Soledad and she is lovely.  She has a son who is eighteen and her pareja that she's been with for several years. She is also taking care of the children of her sister while she is in the hospital.  We went back the next day with Hermana Larralde, an angel of a woman.  They were able to understand one another and take strength from one another´s faith.  Soledad accepted a baptismal date and has a lot of hope in the new life she can have as she begins to attend church and invite God´s power into her life.

We also saw a miracle with familia Carrano, a family that was baptized in December.  They had been offended by something that happened and didn't want to go to church anymore.  The members and Branch President have been praying for months to try and help them.  We were finally able to have a lesson with them that we have been planing for weeks.  We talked about the example of Nefi when his brothers tried to kill him and tied with up with strong cords.  Even though it hurt and they were in the wrong, Nefi frankly forgives them all that they had done.  The family was prepared, and after months and months of visits and prayers and phone calls from members and missionaries alike, they all went to church yesterday.  It was a very happy miracle.

I love you all and I am happy for the good choices you are making.  We must always be anxiously engaged in a good cause and do many great things of our own free will.  We are agents unto ourselves! We are free!  Let us choose to do as Christ would do. It is the happiest choice we can choose.

"Smile! You are a child of God!"

Hermana Peterson
It just happened to be Hna Passos birthday the day of divisiones!

happy 20!

a little bit of campo travelling.

noche de hogar

the zone

Burritos!! Thank you, Hermana Alldredge.

!Hna Morales Hna Redford!

A beautiful activity in the branch.

To give us all a laugh

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