Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bendiciones, Cuenta y Veras (3)

Hermana Cuevas made a little grateful jar when we started here together in Bragado.  Each day we write why we are grateful and then on Sunday night we read the notes and laugh and smile and remember all the beautiful blessings that the Lord gave us during the week. It is a great way to build unity.  Each day I am grateful that God gave me such a cute companion who helps me be my best self.  Can´t ask for more than that.

We taught like crazy this week!  Our district leader always says, "Work hard! Work smart! Teach like crazy!"  And that is what we did this week.  It was a blast.  I feel so full of gratitude, I cant express it.  Heavenly Father leads us to wonderful people.  And the best part is that familia Sosa is progressing well!!  Yesterday Alejandro and Josefina, 11, went to church!  Gabriela couldn´t go, but next week, sí.  We are passing by tonight and we are going to eat brownies and have a lovely little Noche de Hogar.  We always leave their home smiling ear to ear because they are so wonderful.

Each Saturday Hna Larralde gives us lunch.  I love eating with her and her two daughters, Erika y Sofia.  They are 22 and 17 years-old.  We are trying to help Sofia attend church and each week she is closer and closer.  She is now praying every day and reading the scriptures almost every day, and just these two little thngs gives me a great amount of joy.  

We had a Relief Society meeting this week about Visiting Teaching and it was so inspired.  That program is essential in the care of the sisters.  I love it.

I am happy.  I am excited for divisions this week, staying in Bragado with Hna Adams! It should be good.

It makes me so happy to hear the good news from home.  Thanks for the endless apoyo.  I love you all with my wholentire heart!!


Hermana Peterson
con los caballos

la Sociedad de Socorro


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