Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Daniela and Abel went to church yesterday!!!  Let me tell you about them.  Abel is un abuelo that was baptized several months ago.  He lives alone and is very kind and cooks well.  Daniela lives a few blocks away from him and they are friends.  Daniela is 20ish.  They met together with the Hermanas for months and after five months Daniela decided to be baptized.  She loves Hermana Cleveland and Hermana Morales with all her heart and it was hard for her when they were transferred.  Abel has had some health problems and hasn't been attending and little by little Daniela stopped going.  She is part of a service group and they started working a lot of Sundays.  We have been trying these past two months to gain more confidence with her and help her come back.  Last Monday we went to the chapel and played basketball (yeah, it was a joke, but I tried), and on Friday we had a lovely lunch with Daniela, Abel, and his brother, Oscar.  It appeared to be the perfect moment, and they all agreed to go on Sunday.  And they all kept their word!!  It was a beautiful sight to see them all seated there, letting their souls be strengthened and healed by the power of Jesus Christ.  Our souls need that nourishment each Sunday.  There isn't any other peace like the peace of the sacrament.

Heavenly Father is leading us to some of His lost sheep.  This week we found so many people that were baptized years ago.  As we went to referrals, looked for people in the ward list, just talking to people on the street.  It was incredible! God really puts people in our paths.  That´s why opening our mouths and inviting people is so important.  So we are excited to start working with more members.

We had a super fun Noche de Hogar with the brother of David and his family.  I may have written about them a while ago, they have four kids and are married.  We had a lesson with them weeks ago but then they told us they weren't interested.  We organized this noche de hogar and they accepted and it was a blast.  We hope that in the future they can have more desire to have the same blessings David and Cecilia are enjoying.  Poco a poquito.

We are teaching lots of wonderful people right now.  It's just a matter of getting them to church.  Everything is super tranquilo in campo and sometimes it makes it harder to have firm committents.  We have an amazing lesson and they want to read, pray, go to church, accepting everything, and then we can never find them home again.  But we are praying and planning and the Lord really leads us to more and more and more of His children in need.  The work moves forward.

I started my last missionary agenda today.  It makes me feel weird when I look at it.  Time flies so fast!!  We have transfers this week, so we´ll see what happens!  Dun Dun Dun.

It is a gorgeous day in Bragado.  The sun is so happy to shine down on us.

I love you all so much and I ope you have an uplifting week full of miracles.  God love you, don't forget it!!

LOVES y besos,

Hermana Peterson

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