Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hermana Cuevas is my new companion here in Bragado!! And I feel privileged to have such a wonderful soul as my companion.  We are both 22, happy, easy-going, and excited to work.  I am tall, she is short, Im from the United States and she´s from Honduras.  We go well together.

Hermana Cuevas learned to ride a bike this week and it was an extra challenge because the bike is much too big for her!  But she´s a sport and every time I look back to see if she´s still alive she has a giant smile on her lovely face.  Hasta ahora, todo bien.

And I have good news-  Mariana went to church!!!!  We have been having the hardest time getting people to church these past few weeks, and yesterday when we went to Mariana´s house before church she was ready and waiting!  It made me so happy.  She is eighteen and was a referral from a member.  Her mom passed away four years ago and she lives with her dad.  Her siblings are all older.  She loved church and was singing every song and participating in the classes.  She left content.  She said she feels good about her baptism the 6th of September.  I love Mariana.

And Cecilia gave the Relief Society lesson yesterday! Can you believe it? Three weeks as a member and already teaching Relief Society.  She is a rock.  She taught so naturally and shared experiences about Jaz and we were all touched.  It was a beautiful domingo.

We are teaching lots of great families, and helping some return to church that havent been in a while.  The weather is stupendous and the work is marching forward.

Have a great week!!! I love you all with all my heart!!

Hermana Peterson
Hermana Cuevas y yo esperando el colectivo

!la bici!

oooooh. :)

amo el campo

con Hna Millet

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