Monday, March 3, 2014

Grace and Glory

editors note: this post is out of happened before "and walked and walked"
We have a merciful God.  We have been struggling here in Cuidad Evita, in being fully diligent and meeting our goals and finding people to baptize.  We love it here and we are learning so much each week, but it has been hard because we were falling below the Lord´s expectations.  But this week we were humbled, we had divisions with the Hermanas Líderes Entrenadores, we were committed to our goals each day, and the Lord poured out His grace upon us.  We found families, we had investigators in church, Lidia said "Who´s going to baptize me? I have two nephews to choose from and who is going to do it??"  When we called our investigators on Sunday morning they all said they were ready and waiting for us to pass by!!  It was a week of miracles and grace.  We have transfers this week and it looks to me like we will be staying another transfer but we will see.

Horacio and Liliana.  They are a couple that has been married 35 years.  I don't remember if I told you the story of last week, but it was when we talked with each member of the family in the street and then finally had a lesson with them.  Liliana is reading the Libro de Mormón like a fiend and they both went to church and had a great experience.  Then there is their neighbor, Miguel, who is mas o menos 55 and lives with his brother.  He is also reading the Book of Mormon and was praying to be able to go to church when his boss changed his work schedule and now he works in the afternoons and can go to church!  Ramona is still going to church every Sunday and likes to be there and learn about Jesus.  After church last week Hermana Passos had shared her testimony of the atonement and when she was teaching about His suffering she became emotional and was crying while talking.  Ramona told her she should really be a nun because she had never seen someone cry at the suffering of Jesus. She said she really carries Jesus in her heart.  So true.   It made an impact in her.  We also were blessed with finding three more families this week and we hope to see them progress and accept the gospel of Christ.

And all this comes down to the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He is so glorious.  Through His grace we are healed, and as we glorify Him in prayer and service, the miracles are endless.

I feel so happy.

We had a fun District activity today making tacos.  I´ll send some pictures.  Glory is the cutest little girl I have ever seen and I am so happy to see her beautiful self.  Please give her lots of kisses (as if I had to ask!).  I love you all sooooooooo much. Besitos.  I love greeting people with kisses.

Hermana Peterson
Sometimes we have power outages and we plan by candlelight

Our lovely zone.  Work hard, Pray hard.

Tacos.  Mmmmmmm!

                                I put those watercolors to work and made some envelopes.
Hna Zamora - what a lovely missionary!

Taco Time!

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