Monday, March 24, 2014

Familia Villar

We had an incredible experience at the temple this week.  There is a family that we have been working a lot with.  If you remember the baptism of the little girl a few months back? Yeah, that is the family.  So the mom was baptized at eight years old, but wasn’t very active in the church.  Her dad lives in a province and is super active.  One by one, her children have decided to be baptized.  Belen, the oldest, is fourteen and goes every week to church.  The mom has been smoking for some years now and when we first arrived here didn’t have any desires to go to church.  The dad supports his children in their decisions to be baptized and has no problem with the church.  He even reads the Book of Mormon and the Bible every day, and prays every night with Augustina.  A very good man.  But he lacks faith.  He told us from the beginning that he agrees with everything, but he wont be baptized because it would only be to please others.  He doesn’t feel anything.  
We had a lesson on faith this week, Alma 32.  Kids are so smart.  As we started talking about the analogy of the seed we were asking questions and they all answered so smartly.  Josè said he feels like he lacks water to make the seed grow.  I asked what that water could be that he was lacking.  Josè, hijo, quickly replied, "going to church."  Qué capo.  And then we planned the visit to the temple.  They were all excited.
We walked around the temple, enjoying the Spirit and the flowers.  You’ll notice that fall arrived, right on its due date, just like Jethro and Glory. The 21st of March.  The air is chilly but its still quite lovely.  We sat down and talked about our potential as children of God.  Every child of God should be able to enter the house of God, and that is our divine destiny.  Familia Villar looked at the temple and the Sprit did the talking.  The hermana shared that she wanted to go to church every Sunday with her whole family.  She wants to quit smoking, for real this time.  José accepted the challenge of praying to know if he should be baptized the 19th of abril.  THAT IS A MIRACLE.  It was one of the nicest experiences I’ve had.

But we were saddened on Sunday when he sat in his car and didn’t enter the chapel.  We were happier when the hermana entered with her three children.  Opposition in all things.  This family needs to be eternal.  We will keep working.

Lidia will be baptized this Saturday!!!!  She said a prayer on Sunday in Gospel Principles that would melt your heart.  "I am so excited for this baptism and I feel so happy."  She and Clori are so firm.  They have gone to church every Sunday for two months.  And the day is finally arriving. :))  The whole family is planning on coming down to attend.
We are working and teaching and learning and smiling.  Life is good.  And that would be an understatement.  Passos y Píterson sigan trabajando juntas.  The members are incredible.  We are excited for General Conference.  Invite everyone :)
I love you all so very much.  You are strong people because you find strength in God.
Until the next time,
Hermana Peterson

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