Saturday, March 15, 2014


First an order of business, sent from the offices:

Packages From Home
We are sorry to say that with new restrictions and fees that are being imposed by the
government of Argentina, we are no longer able to accept packages for the
missionaries. We have made this decision in conjunction with President Robertson, who
will preside over the mission beginning in July and in conjunction with other missions in
Do not use other methods such as FedEx, DHL or UPS as we will not attempt to retrieve
those packages.
We recommend sending your missionary a bank card that you can refill from home if they
need to purchase items here in Argentina. Before sending the card, please ensure that the
card can be activated without the involvement of the missionary in the field.
We will do our best to obtain those packages that are still in transit, but there is no
guarantee that we will be able to retrieve them. Thank you for your understanding
and cooperation with this issue.

Rachael, I hope I get the one that is in route!!! I´ll keep you updated. :)

What a miraculous week!! Tomas was baptized and Miguel went to the temple and felt an incredible peace.  We found another new family and are full of hope!  The Lord is blessing us and it brings us joy.  We are learning more diligence.  Diligence is the key.

It is strange but I can't think of anything to say....jaja. Give me a minute.

Well I just read all my emails and it made me even happier.  You are all so marvelous.

Let me tell you about Miguel.  Miguel lives with his brother, just the two of them.  He never got married and doesnt have any kids.  We were knocking doors one evening when his brother, Facundo, opened the door and said, not very convincingly, that we could pass by another day.  A few weeks later, we knocked the door again, and out stepped Miguel.  We asked if we could talk to him for a few minutes because we had something important to give him.  He said yes and we sat there outside in the sun, and shared the gospel.  We invited him to church and he said he had work.  The next lesson we talked about dìa de reposo.  We had barely explained the commandment when he said, "So I have to ask work off or find another job."  Well okay!  All throughout teaching him the lessons went along that same line.  "I need to stop drinking cafè then."  Well okay!  He received a new schedule at work and had gone to church the past three Sundays.  

When we went to the temple we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  His parents and several siblings have passed away.  As we talked about how he will be able to come to the temple and be sealed to his family he could hardly believe it.  He said he never thought such a blessing was possible.  He felt so much peace there, in the gardens of the temple.  We have a goal to take someone to the temple once a week.  So far, so good. :)  The Spirit is so strong.

Tomas was so excited to be baptized and his whole family was delighted.  They have been going to church every week and are receiving many blessings amidst the trials.

President called one day this week and invited me to share my experience with the Hermanas Lìderes Entrenadores.  It was a blessing for me.  I was struggling to be consistently diligent and we werent accomplishing what the Lord expected of us.  But we were humbled and we are changing and the Lord is pouring out His blessings upon us.  He is teaching me that I can do and become more than what I thought.  He knows our potential, and the potential of each child is infinite.  You can see it as you look in the eyes of baby Glory!!  That potential must be reached, no?  :)

I love you all to the moon and back.  Jesus Christ brings us this happiness.  It just doesn't exist in any other way.

Hermana Peterson

p.s. I recieved a TON of letters this week and I want to thank everyone who sent them!!!! Seminary class-  so awesome!!!  Thanks to each of you. :)
                                                                       Templo with Miguel
baptism of Tomas

las mujeres jovenes del barrio

el lider mission al con su familia

more members

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