Monday, March 17, 2014

Miguel Angel

We had an incredible zone conference this week.  We learned more about how to teach with power and authority to the needs of each person, using lots of inspired questions.  I have to improve my teaching skills.  It is one of the worst feelings when we leave a house of someone who said they didn't want to keep learning and we wish we could have taught them better.  Learning to follow the Spirit is one of the best quests of life and we will always keep learning.  

Heidi, your mission call!!!! EEEE!  I am so excited.  This is the best mission in the world, so I sure hope you come here. :)  The coolest part is that all the missions are the best.  I am so excited for you!!!

The baptism of Miguel was great.  The ward is super excited to have a new member and Miguel seems happy to have a new family.  When we went to the temple he was was eager to get going in family history work so we`ll be in that this week.  I love that God works through covenants.  We make the first covenant of baptism and as we keep that promise we receive eternal life.  It brings us out of the world and a little closer to heaven.  We feel His love and know He isn't as far as we thought.

The weather has been PERFECT.  It is a pleasure to walk the streets of Buenos Aires all the day long.  We are reading the stories of the sons of Mosiah and Alma and all the hardships they faced.  I love the chapters afterwards, in Alma 27-29, where it is all about the JOY.  Why do we give all we have to the Lord and His work??  The reasons are endless, but just look at the joy they felt!!!  Es impresionante.  And Heidi, when we finally hug I'm pretty sure we will pass out for joy, like they did.  I'm imagining it right now, and I'm pretty sure that is how it will go down.  And our joy will be so huge and uncontainable for all the miracles that God has let us see.

God is a god of miracles.  Y acà en la misiòn, somos misioneros que luchan por milagros!! ¡Vamas Aldo! ¡Vamos Bonzi!

I love you all so much.  Your light shines all the way to Argentina.

Hermana Peterson

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